Monday, November 20, 2006

Wire week 11 talk for the On Demand'ers

Talk about episode 11, "A New Day," right here.


Anonymous said...

Another great episode. Walker gets his comeuppance (along with the return of the Ring), the Mayor pulls out a great 'trick' to kick the various city departments in the ass. Omar starts to make his move! Bodie becomes more and more human in my eyes. Randy is in trouble, but it seems like Prez and even Michael have it taken care of. MCU is back! Freeman is THE MAN! Going through all information provided by the subpoenas that Marinow stupidly ignored. McNulty even starts to get 'pumped' by the Mayor's speech. Herc's memory may even help sort things out. Bubb is even trying to sort things out. And finally, we get to see some po-lice work!

In many ways it seems *too* good. Something's going to break. And some things are starting to: Dukie is being pushed to HS, Bunny's program is closing - possibly, Bunk is burned by Herc's incompetence. Bubbs is being pushed into a corner. And the school finance mismanagement has been revealed. Marlo tells Chris his boy Michael hangs out with a snitch.

Sorry for the summary, but I don't know any other way to express my satisfaction with such a wonderful show.

Anonymous said...

Great ep, but the trailer for the last two episodes has me really worried. Why is Lester being prevented by the Sergeant? What's going on with Nay? Why is Michael shooting?

Haven't been this agonized about an ending since "Deadwood" ended.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a crank ... we're here talking about an episode that won't air for six days ... but some of us don't watch the trailers, so a spoiler warning might be helpful.

Prop Joe was scared.

Anonymous said...

There's a spoiler in the post title, man.

Also, Daniels is such a child in this episode. I think it was someone else here who pointed out how the cops are politically naive for the most part, but that shit about it being a new day in Baltimore was pretty laughable, especially since Carcetti seems ready to get in bed with Burrell.

Also, why have both Bodie and Kima been pretty much non-existent the last two weeks?

And what about the dude who was originally working the civilan's murder that got pinned on Omar? Wasn't he supposed to fuck the Bunk over at some point?

Anonymous said...

Love how Freamon and Bunk just slipped right into playing the old good-cop/bad-cop routine with both Herc and Prez. Seemed to come so naturally to them--did they even know they were doing it? Herc and Prez didn't seem to spot it--that's why they're such bad Poe-lice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael had Randy's back when it came to the fight, however, I got chills when Prez mentioned Marlo Stansfield in Michael's company.

Is there anything Michael can/will/should/would do with this information?

The conflict of interest is fascinating to me.

It was amazing! As this episode got closer to the end I had moved from the couch and slowly inched closer and closer to the TV screen. By the time Freemon finally declared that the vacants were tombs I was actually jumping up and down and hollering like Brian Roberts was rounding third to beat the Yankees. Man, I'm a dork.

My excitement was quickly tempered when I saw the preview for ep.12 and Landsman declaring the vacants off limits. I agree with UCF's comment that Landsman does not want to open that can of worms.

and f'n Valcheck bringing Rawls up to speed.

I've been with The Wire since season 1 and I really think this has been the strongest season of all and they are setting themselves up for what should be and ubelievable 5th and final season.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, watching Lester hone in on the vacants at the end of the episode was a wonderful thing. I too found myself sitting up and leaning forward as the scene progressed.

And of course Landsman won't want all those bodies showing up -- shades of the dead Jane Does in season 2. No matter what, the board is the board.

I don't really thing Prez was being played by Bunk and Freamon, only that he's not that removed from being a cop, and he realized they needed a little help.

And lastly, the Omar/Prop Joe scene? Brilliant tension. I have no idea where this is going, and it's great to feel that way.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think Chris seemed a little stoned or out-of-it this episode? Maybe he was just giddy from murdering a child molester.

Anonymous said...

freamon looking at the suponeas and the names he zereos in on are the men carcetti is politicking with. poor new mayor. more shit to eat.

my god, i feel bad for namond. i used to hate that kid for being such a punk. then i met his mother. then i saw how he responds so well to positive attention and a little nurturing. (i know he was doing Eddie Haskel, but that kid glowed at the table.)it was just great to see him and bunny bonding in the hall almost like father and son. namond--at heart-- is a good kid who wants to just be a kid and avoid jail like his dad. he wants this even after who he's been raised by. just imagine how he would thrive in a decent environment. that kid breaks my heart.

michael... wow. his downfall was pretty quick. he went from pretty darn sensible to out and out reckless overnight. you know it's bad when namond thinks you're being reckless.

mcnulty sitting down with bodie... something tells me that ain't gonna end up so good. i can't think of any other real point to that scene. bodie fancies himself a smart ass pawn. i hope he really is.

Anonymous said...

UCF: my god. i just saw 12 & 13. wow. i want give any spoilers away... all i'll saw is your were right. And the wire is the best show on TV. wow!

Alan Sepinwall said...

And what about the dude who was originally working the civilan's murder that got pinned on Omar? Wasn't he supposed to fuck the Bunk over at some point?

He already did, by not passing along Carver's message about Randy. Of course, he also screwed over Randy in the process, but why let the fate of an innocent 14-year-old boy get in the way of petty revenge, right?