Monday, February 12, 2007

The Class: Are you kidding me?

I'm not sure if this was the first episode where Lucy Punch was excised from the opening credits, but I'm just stunned that, even after wisely dumping her, Crane and Klarik still found an excuse to bring back Sam Harris as Holly's flaming husband. Stunned. Not that Holly wasn't an irritating caricature even without having the blatantly gay spouse, but he was the worst part of her, and he's still around?


Matt said...

I just started watching on TiVo and was about to come here to post the exact same thing. Also, when did Ethan and Kat move in across from each other? When did Ethan and Kyle become bestest buddies forever? Why can't Lizzy Caplan get a better show? These questions and more!

Unknown said...

Holly (Lucy Punch) was dropped about 2 or 3 episodes ago. This ep was a little awkward in dealing with her absence, with both Perry and Holly's news station featured without her. And the writers tried to butch up Perry with that "breaking the headboard" story. Meh.

And with Holly out of the picture, Kyle doesn't have any plot, just punchlines as he hangs out at Ethan's place. Just an odd salvage job.

Anonymous said...

It's either the second or third without Lucy Punch in the credits, although 8-year-old Holly (presumably young Lucy) is still hiding in a corner of the slate of individual pictures that gets zoomed in on after the first commercial. (Yes, I thought it was interesting to verify that...why?)

Also, what you said. I'm still hoping that Perry runs off with Kyle's boyfriend, and wondering if we'll get told that Fern drilled Holly full of lead. Because that's comedy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is the "Show I Watch For People I Hope To See In Better Things Next Season", or "Well, if I'm taping How I Met Your Mother anyway, what else am I going to do?" I did notice Lucy Punch missing from the credits last week, though.

As for the other questions - Ethan and Kyle have been hanging out for a few episodes now, not that any particular reason is given. There was a good bit a couple of weeks back when Kat forgot to turn off her cell phone and the two of them listened to her and her boyfriend for hours.

Ethan's girlfriend is the one who lives across the hall from Kat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my husband always says, "Do we watch this?" when 'The Class' comes on. Everyone on the show is very forgettable to him. They have kind of established that Kyle and Ethan are new friends still getting to know each other. As ridiculous as Holly's absence is, where the heck is Kyle's boyfriend? (I know--in Chile last night, but how 'bout all the other episodes?)I know Perry would have been glad to see him!Probably would have run through the snow! I didn't think Holly was that bad--no worse than some of the others on this show. But, hey, I'm still watching!

Anonymous said...

In defense of Sam Harris:

I really like this character. I like that fact that he's stereotypically "flaming" but still straight...or at least I think he's straight. And I don’t perceive the character as trying to talk about women to cover up his gayness for a number of reasons. First, if he isn't straight then it's not funny. If he is actually gay then he's either in denial or in the closet. Neither of which would make sense on a show as light as this. Second, he never appears to be ashamed or concerned about what people think. He seems blissfully unaware of how he is perceived. And I don’t think it’s because he thinks he has people fooled. He is who he is: an effeminate straight man.

I like the idea that this guy is what normally would scream "gay" but that he isn't. He just happens to have the interests and mannerisms of what we think of as gay. I don't think they were trying to "butch him up" with his head board comment. His character has always vacillated between over-the-top effeminateness (is that a word?) quickly followed by asserting his heterosexuality. It's been some of the best jokes in the show. Like when we see Holly's dad for the first time and he's the exact same way. Plus, we know Holly walked in on Kyle (when he was her boyfriend) in the middle of a gay tryst. She has a thing for gay appearing men. And we all know that girls tend to marry their dads. ;)

I was actually glad that they kept Sam Harris and got rid of Holly. But since I evidently just wrote my thesis paper on “The Class” that’s probably apparent.