Friday, February 23, 2007

Idol: When good things happen to bad singers

A few brief thoughts on the "American Idol" results show (which, God help me, I'm professionally required to watch at least until Antonella and Jared are gone) over at the blog. Since several people have expressed displeasure with how hard it is to register to comment there, you can say what you want about the show here.


velvetcannibal said...

Well, that blog is kind of annoying because you don't actually POST the names of the people who were eliminated. I don't know what you're reacting to in the article. Obviously it won't be too hard for me to find out who was eliminated, but a cursory list would be nice to get a reader oriented.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Good point. I had already written a more straightforward account of who stayed and went that got posted elsewhere on, and that was one more riffing. I just added a link to the news story in the blog.

It's a learning process; we're throwing this whole thing together last minute.

velvetcannibal said...

Sorry I was so harsh there. I had just come off reading the MBP of the week page and I think my residual aggravation rubbed off in my response. I'll be more polite next time.

On another note: I will be attempting to attend the Six and Baltar event at Comic Con tomorrow. Perhaps our paths shall cross.

Anonymous said...

I'm really not convinced that Vote For The Worst has any real impact on who goes home. I think at this stage in the game, the contestants most in danger of leaving are the ones that fail to stand out in one way or another. Hence Antonella, who probably gave the worst performance of the 24, gets to stay while a bunch of people I had to search my brain to remember are heading out. Let me pose this hypothetical: If William Hung somehow made the final 12 men and did his Ricky Martin bit, do you think he'd go home at this stage?

In any case, there's so many sub-standard singers to weed out still that Antonella's time will come eventually, no matter VFTW's advocacy.

Anonymous said...

I think that Vote for the Worst has had a big impact on the results, as Antonella and Mr. Head were in the top 2 and 1 in their respective groups (according to a rather reliable online prediction site).

I am hoping that producers will throw Antonella off the show now that pornographic photos of her have come to light. They're much worse than what Frenchie was disqualified for. That is, if it is indeed Antonella in them.

dark tyler said...

So, VFTW's pick for the guys was Sundance? I found Sanjaya much, much worse.

Oh wait, he's fourth.

Should the producers start getting worried?