Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol open thread 5/8

Since I'll be on a plane during the entirety of Bee Gees Night, I'll make a few link suggestions and then leave it to y'all. First, USA Today's week-in-the-life-of-"Idol" story gives away most of tonight's song choices, including further evidence that Jordin is the producer's pet. Second, Fienberg's thoughts on the show should be up at the Zap2It blog within 10-15 minutes of the show's East Coast finish. (I've heard rumors that one week he posted halfway through the episode, but I don't know if that's true.) And ace Star-Ledger feature writer Vicki Hyman will be filling in for me at the NJ.com blog.

Talk amongst yourselves. I'll post my "Veronica Mars" and "Shield" thoughts either after midnight or whenever I wake up tomorrow morning.


Nicole said...

Blake's second song wasn't that bad, and I know that I had heard it before but I don't think from the BeeGees, since they haven't performed since Barry's death in 2003. (See incorrect reference in NJ article). I am not surprised though that the judges had not heard it, because I really don't think they listen to anything past 1990 unless it's an Idol album (and even then).
Regardless, Blake is a one trick pony and tonight confirmed why I don't want him in the final.

Melinda and Jordin should be safe because they gave at least one good performance. I think Melinda was bashed a little too much on her first song and they are a little too obvious with the pimping of Jordin... She was good on the first one, but not that much better than Melinda. Her Woman in Love was painful to listen to because of the pitch problems. owie!

I think Lakisha is gone. She needed a powerhouse performance to distinguish herself from Melinda and Jordin, and did not deliver. Blake is different enough to last another week.

Anonymous said...

On THE SHIELD.... the new boy *is* a Fed! He is, he is -- and the only way they can investigate Vic is outside the LAPD. It was probably how Kavanaugh played it -- get in touch with the new boy, tell him he's going mad trying to pin Mackey, get the Feds involved, knowing no one can go undercover, with Vic's instincts... but just by being competent and capable, and with the rest of the Strike Team near burnout and suicide, he'll get the evidence to send them all to the slammer -- or hold it over them, with one final bust for the Feds.