Monday, February 18, 2008

Alan Sepinwall's week off

Happy President's Day, everybody! To celebrate our nation's leaders (and other things), I'm taking this week off from column writing and blogging -- mostly. Here's what you'll see on the blog over the next seven days:
  • A post for the On Demand viewers of "The Wire" to discuss the 8th episode (to go up shortly);
  • A link to tomorrow's column (which I wrote late last week) previewing the "American Idol" semi-finals and going a little more in-depth on the whole ringer issue;
  • A single "In Treatment" post (going up tonight), where you can discuss all five of this week's episodes (and I'll ask that people try to play nice and only discuss each episode after it's aired);
  • A "Lost" post at some point, though it may be short and/or I may just give up and put up an open thread, depending on how much TV/computer access I have;
  • A review Sunday night of the 8th episode of "The Wire."
That's it. No "Idol," no "Survivor," no "Terminator," no "Cupid" (I'll deal with the final two episodes of that next week), "Breaking Bad" or anything else. I'm not going to have much, if any, time to moderate the comments, so if I sense things are getting out of hand with spoilers or anything else (and feel free to e-mail me, asepinwall(at), if you think there's a problem), I may just shut down all comments until I'm back on the clock. So, please, play nicely with one another.


cpennylane said...

I'm surprised you aren't blogging on Dexter!

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation, Alan!!

Karen said...

No "Torchwood," either?