Friday, February 01, 2008

In Treatment, week one: Paul & Gina

And so we come to the end of week one of "In Treatment," as Paul goes to visit his therapist. Talk about this episode, and the ones before it, and also whether you intend to watch all five episodes next week.

For what it's worth, the show is more about Paul than the patients, and too much of interest happens to Paul in every episode that if you start skipping certain episodes because you don't like the patient, you're going to miss major things. (Why is Paul suddenly grouchy? Why does he seem a little too interested in this line of discussion? Etc.)

But that's just me. What did you all think?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprized at myself, but I am going to watch next week's episodes. I think watching via In Demand is a good idea, so you can see 2 or 3 episodes at a time. There are annoying things about each patient, but you are right in that this is really Paul's story.

Anonymous said...

I've watched each episode and plan to view them again on HBO this weekend. Of course I'll be back next week.

I've been amazed by so many viewers and reviewers who seem to want to pick and choose among the characters, people who complain the show makes them uncomfortable or who dismiss a certain character because they don't like him or her.

Good drama ought to make us uncomfortable -- that's one of the functions of art, isn't it? To knock us out of our complacency, to give us a different perspective -- perhaps even the perspective of someone who rubs us the wrong way. Those are the characters I try to concentrate on -- they often have the most to give me. In examining my feelings for them, I learn about myself. (Sounds like therapy, doesn't it?)

Sorry to be so preachy -- but I like this show so much. Tonight's episode was wonderful. Watching Wiest and Byrne go at it was TV at its best.

Anonymous said...

I'm not fond of Laura, but I'll watch every ep so I can see what's affecting Paul.

I watched the last four eps in a row and I might save all five next week to watch as a block. It works really well as a marathon. I especially liked how some of the patients call out Paul's "shrink tricks," which he then does to Gina.

Speaking of Gina, what an intense session. I look forward to finding out more about what happened between them all those years ago and basically just seeing Wiest and Byrne interacting. They were fabulous together!

Anonymous said...

Best episode yet. Very intense. It's really interesting to watch since clearly Paul's significantly less perfect even than Melfi was, so we watch patients misunderstand themselves or their situation and we watch Paul try to muddle through. I'm in.

Bobman said...

I've definitely been watching 2-3 in a row rather than one at a time, but that's more because I don't watch TV every night - I'd almost rather watch one a night because this show is a LOT to take in large doses. It's tough not to feel what Paul is probably feeling - frustration and even anger born of impatience, both at his patients and even his "therapist."

It's funny that even being a therapist himself he doesn't seem to see that he's acting just like his own patients when he's with Gina; you'd think he'd be a bit more self-aware.

rukrusher said...

I caught up with the last three last night. I agree that the best way to watch this is one a day because the pacing is better if you come tho the episode after thinking about the prior one for a little bit.

I found the "we don't have an audience" critique interesting. On one hand I felt they were spelling it out too much for the viewers but when Paul took the idea to mean no one appreciates me and Gina quickly pointed out he was interpreting her comment wrong to be very revealing about Paul and makes next week shows much more interesting, because we see Paul now as acting to be a good therapist and not being a good therapist. You had hints of it in all of the first four shows but this one confirmed it. I also think since this is about Paul and not the patients you need to watch them all, because the idea of this show is too watch the characters change one way or the other and how there reactions to Paul's methods impacts Paul's moods and decisions. I have high hopes for this show and will keep watching.

Nicole said...

The Laura segment was my least favourite, but the Paul and Gina session has added enough backstory that now I want to see how he reacts with her at the next session. The last two episodes were the best so far, but I assume we'll probably see more links between the patients and Paul as this goes on. I'm hooked.

Anonymous said...

In certain ways, I'm inclined to think this was the weakest episode, because it spelled out things that were tantalizingly hinted at in his actual sessions with the patients all week (not entirely as forcefully opposed to Laura's advances as he had to claim he was, being baited into the abortion recommendation because of his irritation with Jake, etc). But there were also some new developments here, and plenty of potential for more going forward. Anyone else get a sense there might at one time have been an "erotic trnasference" issue between Paul and Gina too?

dark tyler said...

Anyone else get a sense there might at one time have been an "erotic trnasference" issue between Paul and Gina too?

Yes. Actually, I thought Paul left Gina when he found out his wife was pregnant.

I'm loving the show so far. The Paul/Gina session was captivating, and especially the part where Paul transformed into a random patient when pressured by Gina. Suddenly, his profession didn't even matter any more.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the whole week, and I've found myself rivited every night. I think they are aided by the show being a half hour as opposed to 50 minutes or an hour. The show isn't long enough for it to get tiresome watching two people siting and talking.

I found it very interesting that three of his four patients came to see Paul for a very specific answer to a very specific question. Should I go to Iraq? Should I be cleared to compete? Should we have an abortion? All three patients said they weren't there for therapy. Just a straight answer. When Paul was with Gina, he said that he wasn't there for therapy either. So what is the question he was expecting her to answer?

The Markitect said...

After finishing the entire week's worth of episodes in one sitting, I think it is safe to say I'll be watching the coming episodes. I agree that the show is more about Paul than any individual patient, but its the sort of thing where the sum is definitely greater than its parts. I am having trouble deciding which patient I find most intriguing, because they're all dealing with such specific issues. Dealing with such diverse personalities, helping them cope, finding a way through their insecurity, and remaining objective is no easy task, and I think the show displays how well Paul is able to do that. Then, at the end of the week, we see where he believes he has failed to act correctly. I haven't done so, but I wonder if I were to rewatch an episode, if I might pick up on some subtleties that show where this took place. Either way, it will be something to watch for in the upcoming episodes.

One question Alan, after having seen a few episodes, and catching the recaps, do you know if the voice who says "previously on In Treatment" is Kevin Spacey? Its sounds just like him.

The Alden said...

Loved this episode. Have watched these episodes mostly one a day (a day late), and it was intriguing to see Paul's reaction to everything. I love how there will be 2-3 moments where my brain jumps to what it thinks will happen, only for something less predictable and more realistic to happen.

However, this is a show that requires more analysis than I've been giving it. You need to think a bit more than most things, and while I love that, it means I'll probably have to watch the shows a couple times to really get a hold on things. Luckily it's a great show, so I won't have too much trouble doing so.