Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Treatment, week three: Jake & Amy

Jake and Amy are back for this week's "In Treatment," but once again they're not both there for the entire session. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I’m a little concerned that the producers feel the need to have all the adult women patients flirt with , or come on to, Paul. Is that realistic in a therapeutic environment? Even if it is, it takes away from the power of any one of his client relationships, to have him fending off flirtations in all of his client sessions.

I’m curious to learn more about Jake and Amy, but somehow I don’t feel these sessions will give us what I’m looking for. They seem to be more about Paul’s mis-steps and dysfunction.

Maybe the show should alternate- one week in the therapy sessions, and one work capturing an hour of the real world of the patients’ lives in between. That way we get to see the reality they don’t present (admit) to the therapist. (Similarly to the way we see Paul’s real week, and the way he spins it to Gina on Friday….eg “Kate just blurted out all the details of the affair; I didn’t promp her at all")

Anonymous said...

I don't think Amy was seriously flirting with Paul; I think she was using it as a defense mechanism to keep herself from feeling anything about her miscarriage.

I think the whole series is about Paul, and he does a pretty good job of getting the "truth" out of his patients, even with his own problems bubbling under the surface.

Speaking of which: Holy crap, Kate, could you be any colder? I don't know that Paul deserves that level of humiliation from her. Damn!

Nicole said...

Sure it's a little implausible that the women all flirt with Paul, but he does bear a remarkable resemblance to Gabriel Byrne, so do you blame them? :-)

I too found Kate extremely harsh in this one. Paul's behaviour may have encouraged her to cheat, but she still took the active step to do it, and now she is running with it. It's only been a week since the revelation, so this has got to hurt Paul.

Hopefully they will go to couples therapy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the jazz song was that Paul put on after Jake and Amy's session?