Monday, October 06, 2008

From the archives: An interview with Noah Wyle's beard

No new column today, and so I thought I'd dip into the archives again. This is one of the goofiest things my editors have ever agreed to publish. At the start of the fifth season of "ER," Noah Wyle grew a very shaggy beard, and the fans didn't take well to their baby-faced hero suddenly looking like a mountain man. Up until Keri Russell got a short haircut on "Felicity" a few years later, I had never seen such an angry on-line reaction to an actor's grooming choices, and so I thought it would be important to get The Beard's side of the story. This is that story, which originally ran on Sept. 24, 1998. You can read it over at


Adam said...

Did Rocket Romano's severed arm decline comment?

Alan Sepinwall said...

This was a number of years before Rocket angered the helicopter gods.

I actually did a follow-up Beard interview many years later, after Wyle re-grew it for the Carter-in-Africa arc, but I went back and read that one and it was a clear case of me going to that well one time too many.

Adam said...

When, Alan, will you admit to being the person who gave the beatdown to Mark Greene in the men's room?

I think a followup interview with Dr. Weaver's forearm crutch would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this
wanted to find it before but couldn't
noot read yet but saved on PADD