Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Office, "Crime Aid": Lovers in a dangerous time

Spoilers for tonight's "The Office" coming up just as soon as I find out what kind of product integration deal Huey Lewis & The News struck with NBC...

"No, I did not know that Michael was dating Holly." -David Wallace

They are going to break my heart. This show is going to break my heart, dammit.

It's one thing to intellectually know that Amy Ryan only signed to do a handful of episodes, that she's an in-demand film actress with one Oscar nomination to her name and, presumably, more to come, that a version of "The Office" where Michael is in a semi-functional relationship might get old after, oh, eight or nine more seasons. But dammit, I'm not ready for Holly to go just yet. And it's hard for me to stay in denial when they close such an otherwise perfect episode on such an ominous note.

Just look at that screencap. Look at the expression on Holly's face, knowing that she so eagerly will discuss her sex life with the camera crew (who got more overt acknowledgment than in any episode to date), and try not to have that same goofy grin spread to your own face. Much like Jim, I'm amazed by the possibilities of a world where Michael Scott can find love, and where he can, for the most part, function like a human being. Unless this is one massive fake-out and Amy Ryan has signed a 12-season deal to stay with the show, I'm almost going to be afraid to watch next week.

What I liked about "Crime Aid," beyond the obvious, was how even before we realized how Michael and Holly's romance was likely to end, the other stories were all about men being afraid of losing their loved ones. Jim's fear is fairly minor (mine, too; I trust the writers implicitly on all matters PB&J at this point, though I wish Pam was around more right now), but I thought Dwight's panic over Angela setting a date played out beautifully as both comedy and tragedy. Using Phyllis (in easily her best showcase ever) for advice was hilarious, and then we got this great look of humanity on Dwight's face when he realized what he had just said about Phyllis trying to help him.

I'm sure that story isn't done yet, but it's amazing just how well "The Office" has handled not just the initial PB&J romance, but all the love stories on the show. (And that's not even factoring in Bob Vance's adoration for Phyllis, or the currently backburnered Kelly/Ryan/Daryl love triangle, or my secret fear/hope that Creed and Meredith will hook up one day.) Who would have thought this show would turn out to be one of the great TV romantic comedies of all time?

What did everybody else think?


Unknown said...

Something wasn't working for me on this one, Alan - it wasn't that none of the individual parts worked, but rather that the episode didn't really seem to tie them together outside of the broad thematics you discuss.

I think my underwhelmed reaction has a lot to do with how every storyline ended: Michael and Holly's impending breakup kind of ruined my joy at their interaction (which was, in fact, as stunning as depicted in the image), Jim's realization of not needing to be quite so paranoid feels unnecessary considering the end of last week's episode, and while I liked the parts of the Dwight and Angela storyline it felt like the episode should have revolved more around that and less around the Crime Aid setting.

As it was, the Crime Aid didn't really go anywhere: it felt like an excuse for Michael to be an annoying auctioneer, and any of its potential (especially Michael and Holly being responsible) got swept under the rug.

There was some great moments, but the lack of hope for them to continue kind of leaves me in flux on this one. The momentum is fading a bit.

lungfish said...

I loved Holly's reply of "Hells yeah" to Michael's query of if they were having sex tonight.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton."


StickUpKid said...

Say it ain't so Holly, say it ain't so.

I hope this isn't going where we all think it is. Especially after we found out last episode that Holly is from Des Moines, IA. I'm from there! This awesome fictional character is from the same place I'm from! I know, lame, but come on. Seriously they are so dorky-sweet together. At least they will find some way to make me laugh amidst the tears.

Anonymous said...

This season has been so fantastic; I love how they keep coming up with interesting ways of making the same characters interact with each other. The plotline with Dwight and Phyllis absolutely stole my heart, particularly the line about Andy not being much of a risk.

My favorite joke of the episode was Michael's top 5 "Bruce Springsteen" songs. LOL

Anonymous said...

It squeaks when you bang it that's what she said.
Make me laugh all day, Michael Scott.

Unknown said...

Alan, I share your fear/hope about a potential Creed/Meredith hookup. In fact, I'm a little surprised she didn't bid on him at the auction.

I also loved Dwight's line about the things Angela introduced him to... "Pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism." And I didn't think it was possible, but Dwight pretty much broke my heart tonight.

Nope, not thinking about Amy Ryan leaving. Nope, not at all...

(Side note: and is it just me, or is "Kath and Kim" actually getting kinda funny?)

Anonymous said...

When Phyllis said "I know, and they know" I thought she was talking about the rest of the staff, until Dwight gave that fantastic glare right into the camera. Great interplay between Phyllis and Dwight, but a strange note of pathos with Bob Vance's ultimatum about P's sister, and then showing him so doting.

I barked a half laugh, half cheer when Holly said "Hell yeah". Creed, great, can't wait for him to hook up with Meredith. Michael's Springsteen confusion.

But the PBJ thing fell flat tonight. Brining Roy back was good, having Jim drive (almost) to New York, didn't. I wonder when we see Rashida Jones again.

Anonymous said...

I liked Creed telling everyone he was "all-inclusive". Hey, just like Sandals!

Colin Fast said...
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Alan Sepinwall said...

No spoilers for future episodes of any kind.

Thanks a lot, Colin.

Bruce Reid said...

I know this is only his, what, fourth or fifth appearance, but I'm always impressed with how they play David Wallace. His decency seems sincere--note he didn't only show up for the silly function at the branch office but good-naturedly joined in the bidding for Phyllis--but he's ultimately corporate through and through. He's like a wised-up Michael, probably as convinced in his heart of hearts his colleagues are more family than business associates, but knowing when to draw the line and drop the hammer.

Hurray for Bob Vance driving the cost for hugs up to four figures; for Dwight's insistence on looking petulant even as he thanks Phyllis by proxy; for Jim coming to his senses with a chuckle instead of a tortured epiphany; and for Michael, even Michael, finding someone who thinks he's too good to be true.

Boo for what's coming round the bend, though, yeah.

afoglia said...

I expected Meredith to put a bid on Creed. I should have known better. She's a seller, not a buyer.

afoglia said...

What problem would David Wallace have with Michael and Holly? Dunder-Mifflin obviously has policies for employees dating. Remember Jim and Pam asked Toby if there was any forms they needed to fill out. I don't remember either Michael or Jan risked getting fired, and Michael and Holly aren't above/below each other in the corporate heirarchy.

The writers, and Amy Ryan's movie career, imply that Wallace's discovery will lead to Holly's departure, but I don't see how they can justify it in-story.

I'm holding out hope that Holly gets transferred to Utica and she and Michael maintain a long-distance relationship.

Alan Sepinwall said...

I don't remember either Michael or Jan risked getting fired, and Michael and Holly aren't above/below each other in the corporate heirarchy.

I don't see Wallace necessarily firing Holly, but I could see him transferring her to another branch. And given what happened with Jan after she started dating Michael, I could see David being reticent about letting another Michael/co-worker relationship stand.

Nicole said...

I laughed when Michael thought Farm Aid was when the farmers joined together to battle AIDS. The Stanley reaction to Michael's comment about auctioning people was also a good one.

And Creed. what can I say? There was so much awesome there.

I do like how Phyllis is getting more of a showcase, but really, is it too much to ask to give Meredith a line every episode? What has she done to piss off the producers?

Anonymous said...

So neither the Nazis or the Amish are monotheists? Was it mentioned somewhere that Dwight was raised as a pagan?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who feels bad for Andy? With Angela treating him like dirt, making outragious demands for their wedding and cheating on him and all? I know he is kind of a tool. Really he just wants to find a woman to love him and be happy. Angela seems to be warming up to him a bit but we all know eventually she is going to crush him. I predict he catches Dwight and Angela in one of their "office encounters"

Oaktown Girl said...

This episode worked for me. I really enjoyed it for all the reasons you mentioned, Alan. Dwight running to Phyllis for guidance while still pretending to not want her help was sooo classically Dwight. Remember his "shunning" of Andy when he'd raise and lower the invisible "shunning" barricade as needed?

Yeah, that final scene was heartbreaking, but I must say I really like the David Wallace character. It was heart warming seeing him bid on Phyllis' hug.

And it's never even occurred to me that Meridith and Creed haven't slept together. I mean, how could they not have?

Unknown said...

The Creed comment was the greatest one he's ever said. And I've never laughed as hard as a "that's what she said" as I did at that one. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Grimoald said...

The problem as I see it, with regard Michael and Holly's relationship in David Wallace's eyes, is the whole conflict of interest thing.

As the HR rep, she is supposed to be the bridge between the workers and corporate. It is therefore reasonable to suggest that she might not be doing her job.

Maultsby said...

I took the look on David Wallace's face to mean that he had a crush of his own on Holly -- that's why he came to the auction in the first place, to see her.

Kathy said...

They can do more with a look into the camera on this show than I've ever seen! Stanley's response was priceless!
Creed has such an ability to shock!
And I plead every week that the writers won't do something stupid with Pam and Jim!

Otto Man said...

Hysterical episode all around.

"You'd be safe with me. I'm a really good screamer."

Anonymous said...

I thought Roy's comment that he thought Jim was Pam's "friend" was brilliant. It was such a small sentence, yet carried so much weight; reminding us that Pam pretty much acted inappropriately with Jim all the while she was with Roy.
Granted, Roy's a prick and their relationship wasn't even on the same level as PB & J's, but her past actions still's enough to put a fear in Jim and for us to fear for Jim. Awesome writing.

The Engineer said...

Creed's line regarding past-creed was, for me, the line of the series. I exploded with laughter at that point.

Anonymous said...

...And one cent. This episode was a great showcase for Dwight.

Anonymous said...

Top notch, all the way. The Office is really making up for some of last season's missteps, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

Grunt said...

I loved seeing Roy again. I know Roy doesn't get much love, and I understand why (after all, he's the reason Jim and Pam weren't together all those years) but he walked into the bar and my first response was to yell "ROY!"

I think it would be very hard for Jim to stay in Scranton while Pam was in NYC going out, making friends, working on projects that interested her. I can understand they miss each other, but how cute was the 6+ minute drunk dial to his work number at 3am. Even when she's drunk & happy she's thinking of him.

Holly & Michael are adorkable together but I can see why David Wallace wouldn't want them to be together. It is a conflict of interest. One of the reasons Holly the HR rep is there is so Michael can't go too crazy. If they're sleeping with each other how comfortable would an employee be going to Holly. Also, don't forget that Michael already drove one of Wallace's repected female employees around the bend (although she likely had been turning by the time she stated to date him, who knows). He certainly doesn't want a repeat of Jan.

K J Gillenwater said...

"I took the look on David Wallace's face to mean that he had a crush of his own on Holly -- that's why he came to the auction in the first place, to see her."

This is exactly what I thought too. The look on Wallace's face when he told the camera he didn't know they were dating was more of a wistful sad look.

It is almost identical to how Michael acted with Jan when he was interested in her.

There was no reason for Wallace to be there....why would he help out with some strange auction hours from his place of employment?

I think the Holly romance might end up in a love triangle somehow. But I will be very angry that Michael is not allowed his happy ending. Because that man in a serious relationship/marriage would be filled with humor. He doesn't need to be single in order to be Michael

Anonymous said...

I love Amy Ryan, but Holly has to go simply because Michael is funnier without her. This was a good episode and Holly's presence has made for a nice change of pace so far this season, but I want sad, pathetic Michael back. He's just funnier that way.

And I thought "... His Name? Creed Bratton" was the easily the best line of the night.

Anonymous said...

I have to second the notion that "The Office" is having a pitch perfect season. In a word? HOLLY. That's why the folks behind the series need to figure out a way to get her back.

I get that Amy Ryan received a well deserved (and she should have won) Oscar nomination for "Gone Baby Gone", and that's certainly opening more doors, (not to mention her excellent work on "The Wire") but I read an interview that Ryan very much wanted to be on "The Office", she loved the show, and was thrilled to get it. My perspective is, she's having a helluva lot of fun playing Holly and working with a brilliant comic actor like Steve Carrell. Their scenes together have been some of the very best TV has to offer in 2008 - I think she gets that.

So, while the David Wallace scene was clearly (and sadly) injected at the end to explain why Holly will be going away (and I would guess transfer rather than firing), my hope is that she can come back.

I also second the quiet brilliance of the Stanley "look" at Michael talking about 'auctioning people'. This show does more with subtlety than any show around.

And while I was wholeheartedly in agreement that "30 Rock" earned that Emmy this year, if "The Office" keeps this up, it will be harder for "30 Rock" to get a repeat win.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree with you more, KB.

We've seen sad and pathetic Michael for 4 seasons - it's funny, but this new twist on having an equally dorky love interest, finally gives Michael a level of sweetness that can allow us, the audience to laugh at him, and root for him, all at the same time.

I've made this argument on this blog before, but I am always frustrated to see people say that couples can't be funny. I don't GET this.

Are Jim and Pam less funny together? No. Marshall and Lilly on "HIMYM"? No. My point is, Michael in an awkward but funny (but happy!) relationship with Holly is natural growth for that character, but it won't stop Michael from his continuing awkwardness, whether it's making statements that shock Stanley, or mixing up Huey Lewis with Bruce Springsteen...that Michael Scott exists with or without a girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

>There was no reason for Wallace to be there....why would he help out with some strange auction hours from his place of employment?<<

I took it as sloppy writing that he was there, i.e. it was too convenient. There was no purpose to having David Wallace there other than the writers needed a way to have him find out about Michael and Holly.

However, the show continues to be utterly brilliant, and I was willing to overlook that one, tiny contrived instance in what was a pitch perfect episode.

Anonymous said...

>There was no reason for Wallace to be there....why would he help out with some strange auction hours from his place of employment?<<

I took it as sloppy writing that he was there, i.e. it was too convenient. There was no purpose to having David Wallace there other than the writers needed a way to have him find out about Michael and Holly.

However, the show continues to be utterly brilliant, and I was willing to overlook that one, tiny contrived instance in what was a pitch perfect episode.

Danny said...

I thought that Wallace was there to support the local office. They had their equipment stolen and were holding an auction to raise money to replace the items. Upon hearing the news it would make sense for a corporate bigwig to show his support, not to mention he lent his cottage as a bid item and also got the bidding war going on Phyllis hug. That is why I thought he was there, although I do believe that it appeared he liked Holly. However he was shown as married at the workparty at his house.

Bobman said...

I agree with Danny, it seemed perfectly reasonable for him to be there given that the office was robbed like it was. While at Dunder Mifflin the "auction" came off hilariously, in the real world it could certainly be something a corporate office would support (even though the idea is kinda silly - aren't people essentially using their own money to buy their stuff back? The people participating in the auction were the same ones who were robbed!)

Unknown said...

loved the episode! and yes, Amy Ryan is just great!

Looking at the picture above, is that the first "duo" talking head ever?

I can't remember seeing anything like that before.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Looking at the picture above, is that the first "duo" talking head ever?

I can't remember seeing anything like that before.

Off the top of my head, I know they did one with Oscar and Kevin early last year where the two of them were speculating about the possibility of Jim and Pam having hooked up.

And did Jim and Pam do a joint talking head when they fessed up to the camera crew?

K J Gillenwater said...

In the real world, the corporate office would've sent an email about the robbery and contacted their insurance agency about the loss.

I think Wallace has a thing for Holly.

I also agree that boyfriend/girlfriend or marriage relationships that are stable/happy are just a ripe for jokes as messed up relationships.

I can envision Michael trying to plan his wedding to Holly and how bad & funny that would be at the same time. Their dorkiness together would be so great.

Then, if they ever ended up with her pregnant, the hilarity of him with an actual real baby on the way and all the gaffes and mistakes he'd make there.

Gold mine!

Having Michael stay single means we will retread all the same jokes over and over, and I'm kinda ready for Michael to move on a bit.

Anonymous said...

I think the people thinking that David Wallace has a thing for Holly are missing the boat a little. I took Wallace's expression as knowing that he was ultimately going to have to put his foot down and break Michael's heart, and that was why he looked wistful and sad.

The writers have made Wallace to be a pretty good guy. Even when he knew Michael was wholly unqualified for the job at corporate, he was still reluctant to admit that he was never actually being considered. I think he's dreading that he's gonna have to hurt Michael's feelings.

allieger said...

Ok - this is just speculation but what if they brought back Toby? If Toby returns from Costa Rica and wants his job back, then maybe corporate would feel the right thing to do is to move Holly to Utica (or wherever). Man, I can just imagine how almighty terrible Michael would be to Toby if he felt Toby was responsible for Holly leaving Scranton. He might even be so awful Toby leaves again (because Paul L. doesn't ultimately have time to be on the show anymore right?)However, I also like the idea that David Wallace might have a thing for her.

Best case scenario, they find a way to keep Holly because she and Michael are a delight! Also I agree with Zodin2008 - couples CAN be funny together and dorky/happy Michael is a nice change from single/lonely Michael and miserable with Jan Michael.

"You're making a knife..out of a knife?"

Anonymous said...

The great throw-away line about the theives potentially being "afficianados of vintage HP computers" busted me up.

Anonymous said...


I didn't say couples can't be funny. Michael is just funnier without Holly. She is too quick to laugh at his jokes and join in his silly antics. The writers have already softened his character quite a bit over the years. That’s fine to an extent, but when he ceases to be lonely and desperate to find his place in the world outside Dunder Mifflin, it will be hard to recognize him. To me there is certain level of sadness and dysfunction that makes The Office so brilliant and so real (in an absurd sort of way) and it all revolves around Michael.

Agreed that Jim and Pam are still funny as a couple. They’re not nearly as sympathetic as they used to be, but still funny. Dwight was hilarious with Angela, and so is Andy. Coupling is not a comedy killer by itself. But Holly’s acceptance and adoration of all things Michael sort of ruins the essence of his character: that he’s a loser. As much as I’ll miss Amy Ryan, I look forward to seeing the sad sack Michael again. I miss him.

When the show eventually winds down, I’ll be rooting for Michael to find happiness with Holly or someone very much like her, but we’re not there yet.

Kenrick said...

Grunt - that's 'cause ROY RULES!

It was a nice touch bringing him back, even though he was a bit of a douche before. But he still has my sympathies.

I loved this episode. I laughed out loud many times. I really liked Creed's talking head, haha. I admit that the auction was kinda dumb, 'cause as others have mentioned, it was mostly the people that had their stuff stolen buying stuff from each other. I'm glad Jim turned around at the end, because he's right, they're NOT that couple, and I have been somewhat annoyed that they've been making such insinuations.

I chalked Wallace up to being there to show his support as well. It didn't occur to me that he could be interested in Holly, but it's a good question as to whether he's already married. In any case, I agree that he likes Michael, and may be sad if he has to break him and Holly up.

Anonymous said...

For me the line of the night:

"Oscar, I am now going to be prone to surges!"

Anonymous said...

Going to jump on the 'loving Holly' bandwagon- Amy Ryan's been such a brilliant, brilliant addition to the cast. Michael and Holly's relationship is so completely organic and believable and wonderfully written, I have to agree Alan- The Office might be one of the best romantic comedies out there right now.

Anonymous said...

I thought Wallace was faux there for support, but really there for the Springsteen tickets; note how ticked he and Oscar seemed when Michael finally said they were also stolen. The knowledge that Michael was embarking on yet another potentially cringe-inducing relationship at the workplace was just another unpleasant bonus...

Yeaaaah, Creed!
(Sha-la-la-la-la-la, live for today!...)

Brian said...

I wish I shared your enthusiasm, Alan; for me, this season's been verging way too much in the direction of soap opera. Episodes are now driven almost entirely by the various romantic subplots. Granted, the writers do a nice job of handling that stuff, but it's not what made "The Office" great and I don't like the idea of the show becoming essentially a romantic comedy, even a very good one.

Maybe part of the problem, for me, is a plausibility issue regarding Holly and Michael's courtship. By this point, Holly has seen enough of Michael to have a pretty good idea of what he's all about, and the fact that she walks away from that still thinking he's "too good to be true" is baffling. The only leg the writers have to stand on there is this rather lazy theme of "oh, but Holly's a dork, too!" Which, yeah, okay, but being mildly dorky and awkward is NOT sufficient prerequisite to finding Michael Scott a perfect catch. For that, a lady'd need to be either batshit crazy and attracted to Michael in a self-punishing way (a la Jan) or on the same level of high-functioning autism as Michael (I'm no expert on autism, but I'm pretty sure Michael is a textbook case). Holly is neither of those--she's a sweet, adorable, smart, kinda nerdy lady who, by all rights, should've been turned off by Michael's antics around the time he started acting outlandishly cruel to her as a show for Jan, if not earlier.

The Dwight-Angela-Andy triangle is a bit more interesting, if only for Andy's priceless, tragicomic obliviousness. But it's already outstayed its welcome, for me; I find myself wishing they'd let Dwight have some other business besides bruised longing. Agreed that the Phyllis stuff this week was great, though.

I think I only laughed out loud once during this episode, but it was admittedly one of the funniest moments in "Office" history: Darryl letting us in on Michael's idea of a Bruce Springsteen mix. Michael thinking that three Huey Lewis songs and Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" are by the Boss is the kind of hilarious, observant joke that's missing from the show lately.

Maultsby said...

Dangerously negative Holly post, Brian -- let me say first I totally agree and salute your nerve to say it! It may be late enough in the comment trail that you won't be put through the wringer like you were Jan's stroller, but watch out!

Brian said...

Heh, thanks for the show of support, Maultsby. Frankly, I'm surprised that mine is such a minority opinion. This season is starting to substantiate the old claims of naysayers who were skeptical about Americanizing "The Office" in the first place. Not in the sense that it's bad or unfunny (I'm not going that far, yet), but in the sense that it's a kind of frothy, light romcom rather than something dark and edgy. Now, I've always appreciated the US Office's more warm and humanistic side. But I feel like the wonderful subtleties and endless possibilities of the (non-romantic) inter-office relationships are being chucked by the wayside in favor of who's-shtupping-who romantic intrigue. Which, as I alluded to in my previous post, is the stuff of soap operas. And that's not the "Office" I fell in love with.

Anonymous said...

There was a really funny Pam/Jim dual TH in "Booze Cruise", when they were talking about all the items that Michael told them to bring to their overnight:

Pam: Last week, Michael sent out this mysterious memo.
Jim: (reading) "It's time for our first quarter camaraderie event."
(Quick cut to Kevin packing a thong and condoms)
Jim: (VO) "So pack a swimsuit, a toothbrush. Rubber-soled shoes...
(Cut back to Pam and Jim)
Jim: ...and a ski mask."
Pam: A ski mask AND a swimsuit?
Jim: So that he can have us rob a bank, and then escape through the sewers.
Pam: (laughing) And brush our teeth.

Anonymous said...

We're not really going to go to the "they shouldn't have Americanized the show" at THIS point, are we? The American version has long proven itself to be very different, and in its own way better, than the British version. Spare us the snob routine.

Love, love, love Holly, and it will be a sad day when she leaves. She made the played-out, over-played Michael character of last season interesting and sympathetic again. If some of the other writing is at times inconsistent, Holly is one of the major plusses.

Roger said...

Sorry if somebody else pointed this out, but did anybody think of The Wire with the Dwight/Phyllis elevator camera shot?

Brian said...

@Anonymous -- no, I am not going that route. Perhaps I didn't make it clear that I'm a huge fan of the US Office and believe it has long since eclipsed its British counterpart.

My point is that the flaws of the new season, which I discussed in my earlier posts, are arguably giving credence to the claims of the people who DID go that snobbery route.

Anonymous said...

I may be a bit ignorant about Creed, but someone here surely can set me straight.

Around the local TV, there was a fair amount of speculation about Creed's comment: "Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton."

One theory put forth is that the "Creed we know" was wronged at some time in the past, by a guy actually named Creed Bratton. To avenge this wrong, "Creed we know" killed actual Creed Bratton, took over his identity, and eventually ended up working at Dunder-Mifflin.

Creed is a bit creepy and he has made other comments that point to his shadiness in the past. So is he a stone cold killer, or is it just the sort of goofy/creepy thing that he likes to say, but may have no relationship to reality.

Alan Sepinwall said...

By this point, Holly has seen enough of Michael to have a pretty good idea of what he's all about, and the fact that she walks away from that still thinking he's "too good to be true" is baffling.

But Michael has been on his absolute best behavior since Holly showed up. And I could see how a stranger might look at a reined-in Michael and not see a social imbecile, but just a fellow dork.

Cinemania said...

Forget all the conjecture about Wallace crushing on Holly. I've only read half of the comments, so forgive me if someone else has already covered this, but I'm pretty sure that David Wallace came to the auction to bid on the Springsteen tix.