Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Heroes, "I Am Become Death": Atomic waffle man

Spoilers for last night's "Heroes" coming up just as soon as I pick the John Foster Dulles desk...

Okay, I think we're at the That's It For Me point, where I either stop watching "Heroes" or just stop writing about it.

"I Am Become Death" should, in theory, have been an episode that really got my blood pumping. We had another trip to an alternate future, a superpowered brawl at papa Sylar's house that culminated in a nuclear detonation, Peter inadvertently turning evil, Nathan making a rare trip through the air and Hiro and Ando digging up Adam Monroe. It was an hour that moved quickly and had a lot of action -- all of the things that we keep asking "Heroes" to do -- and yet all I could notice were the flaws.

Just like in the X-Men comics where they got the idea, trips to alternate futures yield diminishing returns the more often you do it. "Five Years Later" was one of the show's most exciting episodes ever, while "I Am Become Death" briefly had me wondering how all these role reversals came to be before deciding I just didn't care. After all, Future Peter already modified this future once, and our Peter's going to try to change it again, and the chances that we ever actually get to see the characters travel this path and wind up that way are as good as the chance that Masi Oka will ever get to permanently use his deeper Future Hiro voice.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Peter's gullibility and penchant for listening to whatever awful advice is offered by the person standing next to him now extends to himself. Future Peter doesn't give a good explanation for why Peter should need Sylar's "ability" (and good lord am I growing to hate the show's artificial insistence on using that word instead of "power") -- after all, Peter can already acquire any powers he wants without having to pop open skulls -- and Sylar offers a very convincing argument for why he might not want to have that hunger, but Peter goes and does it anyway.

Like Peter, I think you really have to be able to turn your brain off to enjoy "Heroes" these days, and unfortunately, I don't have that ability... er, power. (Gah!)

What did everybody else think? And if I'm still watching, do you want me to keep writing anti-"Heroes" rants, or should I stick to my usual "Life's too short to waste it writing about bad TV" philosophy?


catzak said...

Finally! I checked last night at 10 pm to see if you had posted on that mess of an episode. I just needed confirmation that it really was as horrible as I thought it was. If I had been at home watching, I would've most definitely deleted it as a series recording from the DVR. I enjoy the anti-Hereos rants, but I'd also respect there's too much good TV to write about bad TV angle.

dying alone said...

I thought the first ten minutes were particularly annoying. Can the writing for this show get any worse? I'm amazed each week to find that it can. The whole exchange between Future and Present Peters was awful. "People are awful." "No, people are good." "Ahh, let's talk about philosophy without mentioning philosophy or having any deep discussion about it." And I'm so irritated by the timeline of relationships -- Adam Monroe was stuck in the ground for a reason; Hiro and Ando could have sought someone else to help them. Sylar cut open Claire's brain, and there is no amount of dialogue that can convince me that these two can bond. (My whole thing is -- kill the cheerleader, save the show. But really, I wouldn't mind if most of the characters die...)

This is the point where I give up -- I've already given up on Fringe. But I always enjoy recaps better than actually watching Heroes (which tells you that it has the potential to be great), so I say that you post rants if it'll be cathartic. Sometimes it's just nice to really hate on a show... especially when it's completely deserving.

Anonymous said...

I saw that the episode began with Mohinder and turned off the television. I just didn't have the patience for it after that. The episode remains on my DVR, but I'll have to decide whether to delete it outright and abandon this show.

How can this show be so bad?

BF said...

I can buy that there is some chemical compound one can inject that will give you powers. How then do you explain the Magic Walkman?

PS: The greenscreen work on the bridge sequence was particurlaly horrid. I guess all the FX budget went into nuking San Diego ... er ... Costa Verde.

Hal Incandenza said...

No love for Mohinder, aka the "Phantom of the Laboratory"? If nothing else, it was unintentionally hilarious.

Can't seem to sit through an entire ep any longer (Worst Week, flawed in its own right, usually hooks us at 9:30). That said, I love the anti-Heroes recaps, Alan. Unless it physically pains you to do so, I think you should keep doing them...

Matter-Eater Lad said...

Peter Petrelli Squared, even for part of an episode, is an act of multiplicative audience cruelty. More needs to be said about the show's original sin of casting as its emotional fulcrum Milo Ventimiglia, an performer not talented enough to play Sylvester Stallone's son. Heroes' hamfisted "who gives a crap" writing could be watchable if it were anchored by someone who didn't suck, but Ventimiglia not only sucks, he invents new ways to suck every week.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was definitely diminishing returns. The trips to the future are no longer cool because they do them practically once a week now. And this trip in particular was just an incoherent mess. I mean, lots of stuff happened that was cool to watch, but I'd be hard pressed to explain how any of it made even the slightest bit of sense. Also, does every episode have to involve the potential end of the world? It's hard to take the apocolypse seriously when all of the characters have become so one-note and laughable.

Anonymous said...

Like last week, I'm glad that they are finally getting explicit about what Sylar/Gabriel's power actually is. And by the way, it's exactly what I've been saying ever since that first episode where they showed him as a watchmaker with Mohinder's father: the ability to understand how things work. And it has nothing to do with eating brains, although apparently it does require you to get up-close-and-personal with the brain. I was so very sick and tired of all that brain-eating fanwank.

Other than that... yeah, the glimpses of a future that are going to get changed anyway get really, really tiresome. All the good guys become bad guys and the bad guys become good guys and we never quite could figure out what Nathan was anyway...

There's really very little logic or continuity here. It all feels like random ideas tossed into a Cuisinart with no lid on it and exploded all over the page. Twin Peaks Disease, my friends and I call it: cool ideas that seem to be going somewhere but never quite do, until you suddenly realize that the writers have no idea what they're doing. Heroes felt like that at the beginning of season 1, seemed to be coming together as the season progressed, but never quite got there and have shown less coherence as the series has gone on.

brian said...

Please keep posting. This show has been very watchable in a twisted Studio 60 way. I can't turn it off but can't explain why I watch. You help that dissonance.

Unknown said...

I'm drifting away from Heroes, but I would totally watch a Sylar The Family Man spinoff. Every one of Zachary Quinto's line readings in the waffle scene made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

What in God's name did Grunberg do to get stuck with his storyline? A turtle. Could there be a better metaphor for how the show's going so far? And again, when is the space coyote voiced by Johnny Cash showing up?

Heroes is now the show I watch while I'm doing other things - laundry, checking emails. Chuck and Life I both sat down to watch and didn't get up again until they were over, but Heroes deserves no such attention anymore.

K J Gillenwater said...

So, so bad. I accidentally forgot to tape last week, never did get a chance to watch in online, but when I caught up this week...guess what? I really didn't even need to watch last week! That shows you how little the story moves forward from week to week. It doesn't. It's just the same stuff over and over again.

This is getting deleted from the Tivo today. Waste of my time.

The switching back and forth between present and future and dream future and...who the heck knows *what* is going on or why? And why do I care what happens in the future when I don't even know half the people who are in the future acting as important players?

It took me the whole episode to figure out that wasn't Kristen Bell in the future scenes. Where did she go? What a career blunder for her! She should have chosen the "Lost" role over this mess.

I care about no one now. Not even Noah. And I used to really feel for that guy.

I can see where they are going...turning the good guys into the bad guys. But that just makes for a big old mess. You have no one to root for anymore. Not a single character.

Bye-bye "Heroes." I'll try to remember that first season (minus the finale) and pretend that was all they ever filmed.

Michael said...

I could not agree more. I've even gone so far as to tell my TiFaux to stop recording it.

Bobman said...

The worst part is, a lot of the other corners of the Interwebs that I check regularly still think this show is compelling. What?

I literally laughed out loud a few times, in particular (ironically) when the nuke that is Sylar went off. I'm sure that's not the reaction they were going for. it seems like they've entered into the "24" zone, where they just keep trying to top themselves. Except there is NO accountability or consequence anymore. Time travel is a tough thing to pull off, and when you have several characters who can do it willy nilly, you have to be REALLY careful how you use it. These writers aren't up to the task of writing a children's book, let alone dealing with the consequences of time travel.

So awful.

Also, why the hell did Mohinder hide in the shadows with his Batman voice, and in the next scene he's walking around and doesn't even look deformed or anything?

K J Gillenwater said...


See that is the problem they are having with this back-and-forth time travel. The scene with Mohinder hiding was in the future. Where he supposedly recorded one last thing on his recorder, and then decided to stay in his lab but never clean or work in it again! (what a cheap and stupid way to show the passage of time...if the guy is still hanging out there, why would he let cobwebs and dust take over like no one lived there for years?)

Once they brought past Peter into the future, it just got all confusing and messed up. And they aren't even following their own rules anymore...future Peter is easily killed...I didn't see cheerleader purposefully shoot him in the back of the head...oh, and my favorite stupid moment:

Peter is tied down to the table. Cheerleader brings the Haitian in there so Peter won't jump away. Brother shows up, and they send EVERYONE away, including the Haitian. Why wouldn't Peter LEAVE right then? Why would he wait around for his brother to untie him when he has threatening people right outside the door? And why would the cheerleader allow the Haitian to leave the room when she very well knows Peter will leave?

Ugh. This show is ridiculous!

Amy said...

Hmm. Blogger just ate my comment.

Basically what I was trying to say is that I don't know what to say you Alan.

One the one hand I like the recaps because for some unknown-to-me reason I still watch this show despite feeling it is impossible to understand or care about. Yet the rest of the internet (including PopCandy) still thinks the show is great and makes sense (sometimes I think people pretend to understand things cause they don't want to seem dumb). So I like being able to come here for some sanity.

On the other hand, maybe if you stopped writing the recaps I would finally give up, admit it is over and cancel the DVR season pass.

I never thought I was the type of girl who would stay in a bad relationship even once I knew it was bad, but that is how Heroes makes me feel.....

Bobman said...

See that is the problem they are having with this back-and-forth time travel. The scene with Mohinder hiding was in the future.

Ah ha. That's what I get for playing games on my iPhone while the show was on. My B.

Also, can someone explain to me how Peter was able to jump into Sylar's cell when that whole area is supposed to inhibit the use of "powers"? Not that I expect an answer.

Anonymous said...

They need to kill every character that can time travel. It'd make their jobs as writers easier and make the show better. Time travel never makes any sense unless you have a Delorean and having multiple characters with that "ability" just creates more and more issues.

At this point I don't think anyone is emotionally invested in any of the characters so you might as well start cleaning up shop. I don't care who is "good" and who is "bad", I just want to see some people in the right timeline and reality end up in body bags.

Mohinder has always been worthless but we know for a fact that his formula doesn't work and rips off the plot of The Fly, so why do we keep seeing him? Multiple Peters when we don't need one.

We still have 4 annoying years of Nathan and everyone else in nuke. But even then, Peter, Sylar and Claire will all be just fine to chew up more scenery later on.

Anonymous said...

^Allow me to fanwank that one, bobman:

Er...yeah...I got nuthin'.

I'll still watch because I still enjoy Ando and Hiro and...that's about it. Plus, I was right that it was Daphne who becomes Parkman's wife. Apparently, I'm as stupid as this show is :-D

@filmcricket: As soon as Parkman started following the turtle, I thought, "D'oh!" I was kind of hoping he'd kick it.

More needs to be said about the show's original sin of casting as its emotional fulcrum Milo Ventimiglia, an performer not talented enough to play Sylvester Stallone's son.

Yes, yes, a thousand times, YES! WHY do they put the most important info into the hands of the dumbest characters (i.e., Peter and Mohinder)? Especially Peter, who keeps screwing up over and over because he doesn't understand a g.d. thing? ARRRGGGH!!!

I want my Hiro and Ando spinoff NOW (with Noah as their leader). Nathan can come along, too (with Linderman's Ghost), and they can bring back muscle-memory chick and Micah. Heck, I'm even cottoning to the Niki V2.0. But for God's sake, let them really kill Peter and Mohinder off for good.

Jennifer Boudinot said...

I'm enjoying this season way more than last--but it's because I try not to watch it sober. A sober viewing, however, is not something I think you should have to endure every week, Alan....

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your rants on Heroes- I was actually upset you didn't weigh in fully on last week's episode. My vote is for you to please continue.

I'm going to continue watching the show, being a sucker for this superhero genre and I'm also really enjoying the unintentional comedy too.

The argument between Future and Present Peter was a clinic on bad acting (Milo's lower lip is firmly in Stallone territory right now). And Primatech's prisons are becoming Arkham Asylum-like in their ineffectiveness.

Kate said...

The problem with the time travel, like many of the problems with the show (future Molly looks just the same 4 year later? REALLY?) is that such devices can be used to cover bad or lazy writing. Time travel and other "abilities" can be used in interesting ways, but when they are used to cover lack of planning and sloppy writing, and when they are pulled out every time instead of giving us a coherent storyline or characters that are more than paper-thin. Plus the writers and showrunner can't even seem to keep track of what actions and reactions make sense with a given character's abilities. This show was never actually very *good*, but it used to be fun, and it is fast-approaching the point where it isn't even that any more.

K J Gillenwater said...

And can I also comment on the total "4400" rip off? With the future having people using an injection to get super abilities? Yes, abilities and not powers, which is EXACTLY what they were called on the "4400."

Does anyone really care who has the 'formula'? I don't.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought this episode was better than the rest of the season thus far. The showdown in futureSylar's house was quite tense and exciting. Unfortunately, it was all watered down with present day storylines. And after Sylar went nuclear, there was still like half an hour left!

Kate said...

(I can't seem to keep track of my sentences today. I won't fix and re-post my comment, but I apologize for the sentence fragments and typos.)

Anonymous said...

I gave up on this show last week, deleting it as a series recording before this week's episode. Good to see I made the correct decision.

The turning point for me was when I realized I was no longer capable of cutting the show any slack. My distaste for it had grown so large, that I can't imagine anything it could do to make me interested again.

Also, a lot of the promise of the first season of this show is that we were seeing a bunch of individuals with "abilities" who would one day grow to become... what's the word... HEROES! Here we are in season three... and we're no closer to that goal. Shouldn't they be a group by now?

As for your dilemma Alan, I'll probably keep reading if you keep writing, but you'd probably feel better if you stopped watching altogether. Plus, taking this show off your schedule would probably lead to better posts on shows that deserve the attention.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else blown away by the fact that the supreme villain from the last two seasons is not only playing house, but has a son of his own now. Just who is Noah’s mom?

This episode really blurs the line between right and wrong. Just who are the real villains?


And are the paternity/maternity issues from the last two episodes going to come to a head next week?


Anonymous said...

I also noticed that future Peter seemed to be from the Sylvester Stallone school of acting. LOL.

And I too am disappointed with the the way the show keeps introducing new boring Heroes with more worthless abilities (seriously, Tracy can "freeze things to death") and revisiting the same dull old plot over and over again -- trying to save the world from mass destruction in the near future. Yawn...

Next year they should separate the heroes into "Imbeciles" and "Semi-Imbeciles" instead of "Villains" and "Heroes."

Why do I keep watching? For Sylar/Gabriel, Hiro, Ando, and Noah Bennet. The Haitian is also okay. I wouldn't care if any of the others perished.

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing about Heroes Alan! I'm right there with you on what the show has become but for me it is too good a train wreck not to keep watching. I love reading your posts when you tear into a show.

This is pretty much a Studio 60 situation, I love nothing more than reading your complaints about what they got wrong this week.

Timothy Jaxon said...

This highlights all that is bad with network TV these days - I'd pay good money to have another season of Middleman versus the crap sandwich that Heroes has become.

Fall 08 isn't looking too great for storytelling, which is odd given the circumstances in the Really-Real™ World. Isn't this the time when escapist ideas blossom?

Anonymous said...

I actually thought this week was an improvement over last week. Damning with faint praise.

Anonymous said...

This show continues to yield more comments than several of your other show write-ups, despite many people pledging to stop watching even during last season. Until interest completely wanes, I'd say keep going- your posts are entertaining and I look forward to them.

J-bone said...

I continue to watch this amaturish this show because I can see how the writers came up with all their ideas.

Writer 1: "But if we travel to the future, how will be able to tell the differences between the two Peters"
Writer 2: "How about we give him a scar across his face like Omar on The Wire, even though he has the ability to heal himself"
Writer 1: "Brilliant!! But what about Claire"
Writer 2: "I'm stumped... We could just have her tie her hair back."
Writer 1: "And dye it black!"
Writer 2: "You sir, are a genius"

Anonymous said...

Please keep ranting! Noone at my office sees any of the problems, they all still think that this show is the greatest thing ever. I can't really explain why I still watch...except that I am curious to see what the writers do now that there is no good excuse for Peter to continue making dumb moves now that he has Sylar's "ability."

I'm sure they will continue to hit us over the head with the Sylar's "hunger" side effect. And are we really supposed to believe that Sylar was only bad because he was "hungry?" He was still super evil last season when he had no powers at all.

Boricua in Texas said...

...future Peter is easily killed...I didn't see cheerleader purposefully shoot him in the back of the head...

Exactly what I was thinking, Kristin! This show does not even attempt to follow its own internal logic anymore. Truly lame and pathetic.

Boricua in Texas said...

So, in the interest of highlighting how lazy these writers are, can we make a list of exactly how many shows are being ripped off here?

The 4400 was mentioned in this post. Someone previously said Quantum Leap (when Peter was in the other guy's body). I say Galactica (Head Linderman showing Nathan his path). What else? I know there are more.

Rev/Views said...

If it's not going to make you too unhappy I'd love to read anti-heroes rants. Seriously, get as venomous as you like because Heroes has moved into the same realm that was previously occupied by three BBC Shows (Torchwood, Bonekickers and Robin Hood). In that it's so ridiculous that the only thing more fun than scoffing while watching it is reading the sarcastic/angry/bemused posts that rise up from it's existence.

If I could do them myself I would, but I can only verbally express my derision when dealing with shows like this. Most of the venom gets sucked out by the time I put finger to keyboard.

BF said...

kristen & ingrid,

The reason Peter didn't get up after getting shot was because The Haitian was around to stop everyone's power. Which means Peter couldn't have healed, or lept away, or frozen time Matrix-style or even "heard" Claire using the mind-reading trickola.

Still, you think that once The Haitian left FuturePete's vicinity, he would have woken up. Unless Claire shived him in the back of the head off-screen. Which I'm *SURE* was what the writers intended (yeah, right...)

Boricua in Texas said...

We need to send the Haitian to the writer's room, see if he can get them to stop putting out this drivel. Although I would think it would be really hard to stop the ability to suck so spectacularly.

Mo Ryan said...

The show could really easily be improved.

Just add flying motorcyles!!

See, how hard was that?

No, honestly, I'd rather read your thoughts on something you're interested in. But if you want to work up some venom for this pile of poo, I'd read that.

I'm no longer watching the show. Last night I sat next to my husband as he watched it, but I won't be able to do that any more. I just can't watch it for the three cool minutes that Hiro, Ando, HRG and Angela Petrelli bring. Spotting Sylar in the "Hail to the Chef" apron was a great moment. The other 43 minutes? Not so much.

In the interest of keeping my blood pressure in a healthy place, I'm gonna leave the room whenever Heroes is on in future.

Anonymous said...

(seriously, Tracy can "freeze things to death")

It's not even permanent! As soon as she let go of Alexander Cambias' arm, he was fine! Now he can go back to "All My Children" and kill more of their extraneous characters ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your anti-Entourage comments make me mad lol, even your short blurb on the renewal. But when it comes to Heroes its so frustratingly good and bad at the same time that all I can notice are the flaws as well. Keep writing, and write longer, sometimes your posts are frustratingly short.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Mohinder "Brundlefly" Suresh doing such a blatant rip off of Cronenberg's "The Fly" that I would lay odds to anyone that Maya is pregnant with his mutant baby.

I say keep writing about Heroes. You can learn more from a bad TV show than you can from a good one, and you'll have more to choose from. Admittedly Monday's are pretty chock full, but with the general awfulness of the freshman class this year, and the unlikelyhood of a lot of them to catch on (I'm looking at you, Gary Unmarried...) there will be some free time in a month or so.

Besides, it is fascinating in its own way. How can a show that had so much going for it two years ago go so wrong so much?

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that you have more staying power than we do, but then again of course you are a man paid to watch TV. Joe and I made it one hour into the first episode of this season. When Mohinder took his shirt off and came onto Maya we were DONE. Deleted that, the second ep and deleted the season pass from TiVO. We figured if it got better we could rent it later, but sounds to me like the downward spiral has continued. Such a shame since the first season was so good until the finale, but we barely hung in there last season. We have better things to do (and watch)! More power to you if you can actually continue to watch and write about this crap every week.

Boricua in Texas said...

Don't forget Mohinder "Brundlefly" Suresh doing such a blatant rip off of Cronenberg's "The Fly" that I would lay odds to anyone that Maya is pregnant with his mutant baby.

Yes, how could I forget? And I think you are right, the next generation is already growing.

Stef said...

Heroes has become background for me now, as I check email, blog, play Scrabble, etc. Since I'm not paying as much attention, it means I only look up at the particularly notable moments and miss a lot of the crap. I've given up on trying to follow the storyline, so now I just get the gist of it, and it's still dismally bad. But, I love your rants and will keep reading as long as you post them.

I thought Milo was of the Joey Tribbiani "smell the fart" school of acting when he was trying to out-mind-meld Sylar. Those facial expressions were hilarious!

does anyone know what role Kristen Bell was supposed to play on LOST?

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing the anti-Heroes rants. They are infinitely more enjoyable than the show that for some reason i can't stop watching.

in fact, the more bitter and sarcastic you can be, the better.

I need this outlet. Need it.

Anonymous said...

There are many recaps of Heroes that people could read sprinkled about the internet (IGN.com, Zap2it.com, other bloggers such as James Poniewozik. If you've lost interest, spend your energy on shows you actually like. Certainly theres plenty of other TV to watch and comment on on Monday nights.

I have to say though that I was surprised by the sheer amount of hate in the comments (and the fact that you are not the only blogger who quit over this episode). I thought that (despite a few flaws, such as the emotionally manipulative kid's death and the bad flying special effects) it picked up alot of momentum and was alot of fun. But maybe I have too much of a soft spot for time travel storylines.

Finally, I'm sick of people getting irate over a "plot hole" that really isn't one. Such as Peter's powers being drained, and that Hiro doesn't watch to go backwards in time anymore (between Charlie and last season, it makes sense). The show is no Lost, and I enjoy its lead-in, Chuck, more, but I'm surprised by the anger.

Anonymous said...

well, i'm angry because the first season was so amazing for so many reasons, but now all the plotholes, inconsistent character development, and convoluted storylines are --well, tantamount to blasphemy!

K J Gillenwater said...

Stef, Kristen Bell was supposed to play the character of Charlotte on "Lost."

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Future Peter's chest seem to be moving when he was "dead" on the autopsy table after Sylar went nuclear?

There was a 1 or 2 second shot right before they cut to another scene (after Future Claire finished speaking) where it very clearly looked like Milo was breathing. Poor guy can't even act dead...

As for the show, I'm really finding it hard to care all that much about a show that spends some much time in "possible future timelines" which will NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPEN once the events of the rest of the season happen.

Also, what's with the need to always use and re-use all of the characters on the show? They introduce Daphne this season, so all of a sudden she is Parkman's wife in the future. Adam Monroe was supposed to be left for dead, but oh hey let's bring him back too. The writers killed off two characters played by Ali Larter, so they write a 3rd sister into the show! And of course there's Sylar, who should have died in the first season finale. It's like every actor who has appeared on the show at any point has signed a contract guaranteeing them to be in every future episode of the show as long as it exists. It's insulting to the viewer.

Anonymous said...

The writing has been on the wall for a while now.

The majority of Season One was very entertaining. However the last two or three episodes of that season were very disappointing. The payoff was not nearly as rewarding after the season-long build up of Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

At the end of Season One, I knew the show was only going downhill.

The whole time traveling idea seems bogus because after every mistake or crisis, couldn't Peter just travel back to five minutes earlier and just act differently?

Anonymous said...

Besides, it is fascinating in its own way. How can a show that had so much going for it two years ago go so wrong so much?

Because Sylar ate Tim Kring's brain?

Adam Monroe was supposed to be left for dead, but oh hey let's bring him back too.

Like Claire, he can't die, so Hiro put him in a situation he couldn't easily escape from. I expected he would be unearthed at some future point.

barefootjim said...

Future Sylar = Vampire with a soul.

Oh, the hunger, the terrible hunger! Bite me.

At least when Spike got his soul, it was an ironic twist.

barefootjim said...

BTW, I'm right with the "Studio 60" comparisons. I hated that show, and actually looked forward to watching it every week to see how they were going to totally frack up what should have been an amazing show.

However, I'm not sure that Heroes even deserves that type of consideration.

Mrglass said...

OK I'm with you Alan, Heroes sucks now. Yet, after a busy weekend, here is the order in which I watched the few show on my DVR:


So please don't give up. Panetiere (?) and Miloventilia (?) are horrible actors, but this series is still interesting. As in, you can point out every single week how bad these actors, and this story, are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tara, Zachary Quinto rocked during that waffle scene. He really should have his own program.

My breaking point was the Tracy scene. Where did this scientist with the Austrian accent come from? He referenced a third daughter... she didn't even ask any logical follow-up questions. I mean if someone tells me there are three versions of Ali Larter walking around, I am definitely asking follow-up questions.

I need to stop thinking about these things and start
the process of deleting the show from my DVR season-pass.

Goodbye Heroes.

Anonymous said...

im amazed more people arent pissed off at the apparent contradictions the show creates to get by every episode, they create characters which are immmortal, but then say they can die with a bullet to the back of the head, then say that they can never die again. have time travel in every season, even when in the first season it was said that the future couldnt be changed, thus the mendez paintings that almost all came true...in fact i think all of them came true to a degree. so f'in weak of a show.

JCM said...

Plot holes from this week:

Hiro is trapped in Level 2 confinement and can't use his ability to get out. Peter uses the same ability to get into Level 5 to visit Sylar.

Present Peter in the morgue with Future Peter on the slab and President Petrelli can't use any of his powers to free himself, but as soon as the Haitian leaves the room, he can read his brother's mind. It was established that the Haitian doesn't need to concentrate on you, just be within about 25 yards when Daphne couldn't run fast and Hiro couldn't time travel at the movie theater earlier in the season.

If Present Peter can read minds, Future Peter should be able to heal himself after the Haitian leaves the room like Claire did in season one after being autopsied. It is an unconscious ability.

This is from memory, but didn't Hiro put Adam Monroe in the coffin while it was in the ground last season? Why then does he have to dig it out to release him?

The one power Peter never needed was Sylar's because he could absorb abilities just be being near them. There is no conceivable reason to add the equivelant of a heroin addiction with nothing to gain.

Once Peter was out of range from the Haitian when Claire was shooting at him, why didn't he time travel to the present?

Anonymous said...

I am getting totally bored too! i hate future and present peter, future claire sucks more than present claire and i am just losing interest. I do love all Sylar scenes though!

Anonymous said...

Once Peter was out of range from the Haitian when Claire was shooting at him, why didn't he time travel to the present?

This one's easy: Because he's an eeediot.

Unknown said...

Why didn't Peter freeze time is any of his fights? It makes no sense, he did it last week

Anonymous said...

or knowing that they are being hunted why didnt both peters become invisible...because we would be depriving the world of milo's brilliant mug and acting

Anonymous said...

Please! Please! I request the anti-hero rants with full on rage.

I too am watching this show and not entirely sure why. But it does often provoke the angry range (whereas if I give up on fringe, it'll be with a "meh"). I don't know why, perhaps because I remember how good it was (or seemed to be) in season one.

Perhaps because the thin veil of sanctimonious purpose that is sprinkled on every single action of every character is.. well.. thin enough to be transparent. It angers one!


See, that's why you should rant, because I'm less gooder at it than u.