Monday, October 06, 2008

HBO renews Entourage

I don't really have the heart to tear into last night's 'shroom-tacular episode of "Entourage," which was so bad it ruined all the good vibes I had gotten from the previous few episodes, but I bring it up now because HBO just renewed the show for a sixth season. I look forward to Jeremy Piven's eighth acceptance speech at the 2015 Emmys, don't you?


Dan Jameson said...

You just can't take Entourage seriously anymore. You have to just enjoy it for what it is - an unrealistic comedy that gives you 2-3 funny scenes per episode.

Entourage is to comedy as Heroes is to drama. Both are very far-fetched and stupid at times...but have just enough going for them to keep me watching.

Speaking of Drama, I did laugh out loud when he shrieked b/c he thought he dismembered himself.

Anonymous said...

Last night was awful. Grown out of the same crap those Shrooms came from I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

Piven is now stuck in the John Larroquette Emmy vortex.

Good for him .. bad for us.


Irish Stoo said...

Has this show ever been any good? I guess so if it's considered the male equivalent to Sex and the City.

Nate said...

Wasn't this the same shtick the Neil Patrick Harris storyline in Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay?

Anonymous said...

You may not have the heart to tear into it, but I do. It was awful. So bad, in fact, that the term "jump the shark" may need to be replaced with "ate the mushrooms."

Here are my issues with the episode:

1) That everyone took seriously the idea that getting high at Joshua Tree would somehow provide real answers for Vince. This isn't Buffy meeting the First Slayer for f's sake. It's an excuse to get high for a bunch of overgrown frat boys.

2) That they're STILL all a bunch of overgrown frat boys. In five years have any of these characters grown or changed AT ALL? The fact that they got flashed by a bunch of porn stars on their way to get high only underscored how juvenile this show and its view of adult males is. I half expected them to blow off Joshua Tree so they could eat pizza, play video games, and drink beer. But I guess that's every other episode.

3) That every single season deals wtih Vince not wanting to do the easy money studio movies so he can be an "artist." The only problem is that all of his "artistic" movies have been flops or crap and the only good and successful thing we've ever seen him do was Aquaman. And if Aquaman was supposed to not be the norm for Vince then he'd be some poor indie actor and not the gigantic, wealthy star we're supposed to believe he basically is.

4) That after everything, Vince still made the choice you expected him to make from day one. Rather than watch Vince compromise for the first time in his career, he still lives in some alternate version of Hollywood where actors never do anything just for the money and get to do any project they like.

5) That Turtle STILL doesn't have a job.

6) That even Gary Busey must have thought this script was so bad they had to get Eric Roberts instead.

Anonymous said...

I want Chris Albrecht back

Anonymous said...

Entourage has whiffed on every single celebrity cameo since season 1 it seems like.

Also, someone needs to call out Jeremy Piven and his hairline which has done whatever the opposite of recede is. Does he think we weren't around in the 80s when it was George Costanza-like?

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I actually liked this episode.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess this episode was just too "inside" for most of you. Those of us in CA no all about the legends and folklore surrounding Joshua Tree and that it is well known as a "spiritual mecca". Therefore, it would be fitting that these guys would go there to "find the answer" because they've heard from their Hollywood cohorts (nut cases) that this is something that would help. This sort of thing is not at all uncommon. Two High School boys tried something similar a couple of years ago and one died after getting lost. It was in all the papers out here. Also look up the story of Graham Parsons.

I found this episode to be pretty funny and especially Ari tripping on the phone to Lloyd made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last poster. I am from Southern California, and people go out to teh desert to "find" themselves all the time.

Additionally, i have taken magic mushrooms before and i gotta say that it was very realistic, with all the guys tripping in their own way, good and bad.

Overall, i don't get all the hate

Anonymous said...

I guess Piven has an "advancing" hairline here. Ha.

As a somewhat veteran shroomer, I also found the tripping sequences funny and fairly true.

Show still has jumped the shark, though.

I liked it better when Eric was portrayed as APING Ari, rather than possibly succeeding as the real deal. He's utterly unbelievable as a player. But as a hack, much more so.