Monday, May 08, 2006

Hey, hey, I saved the world today

It's all over but the hand-on-Bible-ing for "The West Wing," but I liked last night's C.J.-heavy episode, even though the flash-forward in the season premiere gave away where both her story and Toby's are going. (Someone over A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago suggested Bartlet might commute Toby's sentence without pardoning him, but the point is, we know he's not in jail and that he's very grateful to Jed for something at the time of Bartlet library opening.) Allison Janney is so good with both Tim Busfield and Richard Schiff, so those last two scenes made me very happy.

The Will subplot didn't do a lot for me. I never warmed to the character, since Aaron didn't get a chance to really define him before he got pushed out the door, and since Wells never knew what to do with him. (His stint as Bingo Bob's lackey was particularly hatable.) And I care even less about Kate. Might've been nice to give the B-story slot to Charlie, who's been around much longer and who's been badly neglected by the writers for far too long. I'm hoping there'll be some kind of tear-inducing scene with him and Jed next week.

Only got a few minutes into "Grey's" so far (just long enough to see a naked Sara Ramirez, which is never a bad thing), and as I said below, I'm afraid to comment on "Veronica" since I've seen the finale and know whodunnit. (If you want to discuss "Happy Go Lucky," you can do it here, and if I can think of something to contribute that won't be colored by my knowledge, I'll chime in.)


Anonymous said...

GAWD, Grey's Anatomy is annoying now. Chris O'Donnel is as exciting to watch as wallpaper, Ellen Pompeo is maybe the most fingernails on a chalkboard actress of all time, and none of the relationship stories (Denny? Ugh) have any traction... It will be a long Season 3 next year...

Anon said...

Grey's has run out of some steam as it heads towards its finale, sure. Their weird short first season followed by a long second season almost worked out, but Sara Ramirez (somewhat) and Chris O'Donnell (definitely) were dropped into the season a little too late to have much of an impact. And while I enjoy Jeffrey Dean Morgan, his storyline with Katherine Heigl is going nowhere. Two attractive people with very little chemistry. It will be a novel event if he ends up _possibly_ dead on two different season finale cliffhangers -- _Grey's_ and _Supernatural_ -- over two consecutive weeks. But I'm sure he'd trade the claim to fame for a little job security.

I'm particularly amused by the previous commenter's anger toward O'Donnell. I mean, maybe it's a criticism of his whole body of work (come to think of it...), but give the man a break -- He's only been on the show for two episodes (plus a cameo appearance). And if you don't like Ellen Pompeo...Well, why have you been watching the show for this long? They can't really get rid of her, you know.

Every soap goes through slumps sometimes. It is unfortunate when one of those slumps occurs in the vicinity of your season finale, but maybe the time off will revitalize Shonda Rimes.