Friday, May 26, 2006

'Lost' link

This morning's column, which features slightly expanded thoughts on "Lost" and a breakdown of the NBC schedule revamp.

Between now and when "Rescue Me" premieres on Tuesday night, I hope to get through a bunch of pilots and offer some brief thoughts. I've already seen a few of the CBS shows, so I may post an entry on them by this afternoon. And if not, happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody; go enjoy some barbecue.


Louis said...

Alan, I enjoyed your column, but I have one nitpick. I think you're wrong about Ana Lucia's dying after her first flashback. Wasn't there another, early in the seaon, when we saw her kill a man?

Do the producers of Lost know where it's going? Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm not ready to say the show has no master plan.

Unrelated question . . . I guess I missed this story about how HBO is letting the contracts of Deadwood's stars expire. I guess that means if David Milch can't raise money from non-HBO sources, the show won't get its fourth season to wrap things up. Too bad, huh? What are the chances of its coming back?

Matt said...

That's correct. There were two flashback episodes for Ana Lucia, not counting the pseudo-flashbacks on the Island in "The Other 48 Days."

Toby said...

I think Shannon is the only one to have died in the same episode as her only flashback.

Boone only had one flashback episode, but he didn't die at the end of it. He died during an episode that featured yet another flashback for Jack.

The present day story for Boone when he was having his flashback had him conked on the head and some weird paste applied to the wound by Locke, which gave him visions.....

dirtgirl said...

NBC is really a joke. The new Thursday night lineup will not hold any viewers for more than an hour at a time. THe type of person who tunes in for The Office is not going to stick around for Deal or No Deal. It had been the perfect lead-in to Studio 60 but that synergy is now blown.

kevbo nobo said...

I caught a "Planet of the Apes"(Charlton Heston, not Tim Burton)vibe during the finale, mostly because of wacky asymmetrical piano pounding music when they were walking down the beach, but also the mini "forbidden zone" where Des killed Brother Justin. And, of Course, the wrecked Statue of Liberty with Homer's foot.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Yup, you guys are right. Boone died during one of the Julie Bowen flashbacks about Jack's miracle bride, and Ana-Lucia did have a flashback before the one where she died.

Lots of "Deadwood" questions lately. I'll try to do a larger post at some point, but the short version is that I think David's trying to put a sunny face on cancellation. The show's over. The actors' contracts have lapsed, as has the show's lease on the ranch where they film. This show has one of the biggest casts and one of the biggest sets in TV history; reassembling either of them now, let alone both, will be almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be a jerk here, but do you guys not have spellcheckers at the paper? It's Portuguese, not Portugese.

LV said...

Do you really think Michael and Walt have sailed on and will never be seen from again to avoid the kid's growth spurt? My guess is the "345" setting or whatever Henry Gale told them to sail toward will lead them back to their original beach with the other castaways.

Why do you think Henry Gale said they were "the good people" (or was it "good guys")?

Anonymous said...

I will never again watch another hourlong series from HBO because of what they first did to Carnivale and now to Deadwood. It is simply reprehensible. To think that we won't get more seasons of Ian Mcshane doing what is one of the best characters on TV (right now, he is number two after Jack Bauer, for me) makes me want to vomit.

I don't understand the thinking of the suits over there and I am glad for it. I refuse to watch any of their shows from now on until they are finished.

Why bother getting into a show as great as Deadwood just to have the rug pulled out from under you and never get any resolution? Awful!

Stephie said...

Hi, I stumbled on this website and I like it...a lot.

I watched all the extras for the first season of Lost and the writer said that they had the entire thing figured out even before the pilot, but envisioned a way to extend it over at least six seasons. So, I believe they've got the skeleton, and they are putting A LOT of meat on it.

Kind of bothers me. I'm a very patient television watcher and love character development and good writing but sometimes I'm like, "Come on! You've been in the hatch doing the same exact scene from three different viewpoints for three different episodes! I beg of you to continue! Go on... Go ahead."

But I can't help watching every iota. I'm addicted.

Is that how you spell iota?

krystle said...

In regards to what Steph wrote about the writers envisioning a Lost over least six seasons

Didn't J.J. Abrahms say the same thing about Alias a few years ago? If he did well, just check out the last season of that show. Absolutely terrible!