Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Three-legged links

Yesterday was one of those perfect storm days at the office. I came in planning to write a column breaking down some of the best and worst of season finales (basically a Best of the Blog kind of story). Then, as I was a few minutes into watching my tape of the "Alias" finale, I found out that ABC News was having Charlie Gibson replace Elizabeth Vargas behind the "World News Tonight" desk. Ordinarily, I pay little attention to TV news and write even less about it, but with Matt (our news junkie) still out, that one fell on me, too. And as I was bouncing back and forth between the finale story and the Gibson story, my editor strolled over and asked if I could write a live story breaking down the final "American Idol" performance night. Since I was already going to blog it anyway, this wasn't a big issue, but it's still a weird day to have my name in the paper three times.

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