Monday, May 15, 2006

When Captain America...?

Because of my desire to see "West Wing" live and my professional need to do the same with "Sopranos," I recorded the "Survivor" finale and figured I'd watch it at some point this morning. Then, in the space of a few hours, I was accidentally spoiled both about the winner and how the final challenge went down. Really, should I have expected anything better in this day and age? I feel like one of those guys in a bad '80s sitcom who videotaped a football game and keeps sticking his hands over his ears whenever someone tries to talk about it.

Given my obligations for Upfront Week (more about that in a few minutes), I can't guarantee I'll see the finale today, especially now that I have a vague outline of what happened. For the benefit of anyone who was luckier than me about staying unspoiled, I'll wrap this one up here, then make a comment or two about what I know. Feel free to discuss the finale at length in the comments section.


Alan Sepinwall said...

Since Cirie went out in the fire-building challenge, I guess Aras was the best possible winner remaining. Terry was a challenge machine with no interpersonal skills and no head for strategy and Danielle road coattails the entire way until the final challenge. Aras won a couple of challenges, but more importantly, he was the glue holding that dysfunctional Casaya alliance together long enough to wipe out everybody but Terry. He was a smug, condescending tool at times, but there have been far more hateable winners (hint: one of them is a co-host of a Survivor webcast).

So exactly how padded was the finale? And was the reunion juicy enough to watch in relative real time?

Jaynee said...

The finale wasn't nearly as padded as I thought it was going to be. They had a long "this season, on Survivor" clip at the beginning, followed by the fire challenge. that alone took up 20 minutes of the 2-hour finale. We tivo'd it and started watching around 8:30 p.m. so we could avoid most of the commercials as well as the "honor your fallen comarades (sp)" bit. Not a bad finale, for the most part, although I'm disgusted that Aras won since Terry deserved to.

D. said...

Once Cirie and Terry were out (either of whom I think could make a good claim to deserving to win, though for diametrically opposed reasons), we were left with two people who I didn't really care that much about. In fact, I can't remember a Final vote that I had less strong feelings about who should win in any season.

Except maybe Rob and Amber, but I still don't really consider them as separate players.