Tuesday, July 18, 2006

ABC's of scheduling

In case anyone cares, the ABC premiere dates.


Adam said...

So, wait: six episodes of Lost, and then a three-month hiatus? That's going to frustrate a lot of people.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Yep. McPherson said the problem is "Lost" takes a really long time to produce. I suppose the ideal solution would be the "24" thing of just saving all the episodes for January and running straight through, but I suppose that would piss people off just as much.

Scheduling 22-episode serials is a toughie.

Matt said...

Apparently, they're deliberately structuring it to take into account the delay. There's going to be a big reveal/cliffhanger at the end of episode six. Same strategy Veronica Mars is apparently pursuing.

Lost's biggest problem from a production standpoint is logistical. Huge cast, almost all shot on location rather than on a soundstage (though I assume the Hatch is a soundstage), and flashback shooting to deal with in a completely different envrinoment.

Anonymous said...

I'll take what ABC gives us in this case -- it's a reasonable compromise to avoid the rerun problem. And if Lindelof/Cuse/Abrams do this alleged episode 6 reveal/cliffhanger right, the return audience in mid-February will be huge.