Monday, July 31, 2006

Entourage: Does it matter if it's black & white?

I'll get to "Deadwood" later this morning, after I've had some time to chew on it during my commute, but "Entourage" never requires much deep thought, which I suppose is a virtue. Another good one, as Ari's scrambling combine with Vince's continued knack for self-destruction, with a side serving of Lloyd's zit and Drama's temper. (Is Drama the Seth Bullock of "Entourage," or is Bullock the Johnny Drama of "Deadwood"? Or are they both just pale Ryan Atwood clones?)

Good to see both Walsh and Barbara Miller again, though am I the only one who thinks that "Queens Boulevard," colorized or not, seems like a pretentious piece of crap? I know Doug Ellin thinks that Vince is a gifted actor and that his movies are good, and so long as we don't see too much of his work (the one "Aquaman" scene didn't require Adrian Grenier to do anything but run and strip), I'm okay buying that. But when the plot hangs on Vince potentially throwing his career away to stand up for a movie that I refuse to believe is anything but warmed-over Scorsese, I have more trouble. Still, the rest of the episode was funny enough (did I mention Lloyd's zit? or Ari's joke about same?) that I'll let it slide for the moment.

What did everybody else think?


mr. shark attack said...

i think entourage is the best show on tv. i like it better than the sopranos. it's like onion rings. good, but not gourmet.

Anonymous said...

I'm always entertained. Alan, how bout some feedback on what feels like the last 5 episodes you haven't commented on?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Scroll down to the very next entry. It's hidden, but it's there. And it's only two episodes I "missed."

Eric said...

Not that Entourage is a documentary, but did anyone else think that having the studio colorize Queens Blvd. strained credulity? I could see recutting the film, maybe redubbing some lines to get it a PG-13, but colorization is such a joke that I can't suspend my disbelief. I mean, it's been 20 years since Turner tried colorizing some classics, and the results were so roundly rejected that it would be like Coke trying to bring back New Coke.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the vanity projects of young hollywood always pretentious pieces of crap? Just look at every young actress who decides she can do an english accent in an ill thought out period piece.

At least Queens Boulevard gives Ethan Suplee a chance to show off his dramatic chops.

Anonymous said...

The threesome led me to the theory that they're planning on getting Eric and Sloane engaged, which would be an excellent twist for season 4. How do the boyz deal with one of their own growing up, moving out, and moving on. Can Vince have a professional relationship with a grownup E?

But then this week they dodn't deal with that at all, so we shall see.

Didn't much like this week's ep over all, although the Ari/Lloyd stuff is always good. I agree with you that QB doesn't look like something risking your career over.