Monday, July 17, 2006

Clearly wasteful

My attempt to liven up the CW's spectacularly dull inaugural press tour session with a bit of quasi-livebloging.

Oh, and, obviously, my stint at the Rock Star mansion means I have yet to see either of "Deadwood" or "Entourage" yet. Depending on my schedule this week, Cone of Silence may need to be up until I'm back in Jersey. Hopefully not.


Anonymous said...

From your article about the CW: Dawn Ostroff mentions their "plans for an online community of CW fans."

That way lies madness, Dawn. Madness, I tell you! Don't let the internet fandom have a voice in the shaping of your shows or you'll regret it. Just ask Rob Thomas!

Anonymous said...

FYI: Kellie Pickler and Barbara Walters were discussing your question to Katie Couric on this morning's "The View."

Anonymous said...

At least it wasn't Star Jones. What did they say? I wonder if they will discuss it if Alan gets to ask Charlie Gibson the same question?