Saturday, July 15, 2006

Out of curiosity...

... How many of you are actually bothering to click over to the press tour blog when I put links to it here? Comments have been way down this week, and I'm curious whether it's just summer, the fact that I'm not doing "what I watched the night before" posts, or just that people don't want to bother going to yet another site and then coming back.


Anonymous said...

The problem is makes my eyes bleed.

Anonymous said...

I read the press tour blog, I just haven't had anything to say (and had a busy week at work).

And I'll just add that I (possibly only I) don't get the big deal with HD. Is it a better picture? Sure. Is it "Oh my God, I can't believe it, it's so cool!"? Not that I can tell.

Anonymous said...

I would like it better if your links opened up a new browser window instead of taking me away from your blog. Think of your lazy readers and make it easier on us, won't you? :-)

Alan Sepinwall said...

Fred, I'm not blogging as much in part because everyone is blogging. They have wi-fi in the press conference room, and half the people (myself included) are constantly hunched over laptops even as the sessions are going on. And since there's so much of this stuff out there, I'm trying to only blog about unique things, whether it's things that happened to me (Dave Koechner threatening to kick my ass) or things that I know I have an unusual take on.

Robin, I know, I know. But it's what we have for now. There's been some discussion of moving What's Alan Watching whole-hog over there, but I'm only going to do it if we can significantly improve the look and the interface.

Dez, I had to look through the Help guide to figure out how to make the links into pop-ups, but my personal preference has always been to avoid that, since it drives me nuts when I pop up a new window, especially when I'm using a computer with limited memory that grinds down when too many windows get opened.

What say you? If I get enough yea's, it's not a difficult change to make.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the press tour blog, but how 'bout some thoughts on the lost episodes of Chappelle's Show, Monk, Psych, etc.?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Donlee, I wrote about all three in my last column before I left for press tour.

In general, I have almost no time to watch TV while I'm here. In summers past, that wasn't really an issue; but there's now just so much original summer programming that it's tough.

Anonymous said...

Damn Alan, I stand corrected.

I even read that very piece before I'd posted my comment.

My memory's going in my young age.

I just got done watching all 3 Chappelle's Show episodes myself. I found the middle one to be the weakest, but the last bit in the third episode where Dave meets Show Business, and the autobiographical bits in the first one, along with the 2Pac one, are definitely great stuff.

I can see where Dave's concerns about the pixie material was indeed not sending up stereotypes, but rather just reenforcing them. But if that's where he felt the show was heading, he very much had the creative control and power to change the show for the better and collect his $50 million and we'd all be laughing more and better for it.

You see the ratings for "Psych"? Highest for a new cable series premiere this year. If that holds up, you'll be wanting to punch Roday in the face for a very looong time.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that the Press Tour really isn't all that interesting, honestly. I like your writing, Alan, but I don't really care what big stars have to say about the shows that I watch, let alone what Shannon Doherty and Mr. T have to say about shows I'm never going to watch.

I know that it's "news" or whatever and you're expected to cover it, but I really find talking about what's actually on television much more interesting that what's happening behind-the-scenes.

Anonymous said...

If possible could you please find out if NBC is going to burn off Joey? I know they are burning off E-Ring starting in August. Thanks.

R.A. Porter said...

I'm in the opposite camp from sm. I've been reading and enjoying your posts from the front quite a bit and spend a lot of time reading about what goes on behind the camera. Plus...Mr. T!

The UC scale may need to be recalibrated for some of those fresh quotes!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading both but, like others, just do not have much to comment on as the Press Tour does not appear (yet) to have any 'raping the shark' or similar moments.

Although many, many others are blogging the event, I likely speak for others here when I say that you are one of the top TV critics out there and that is why many of us would PREFER to read your thoughts on things happening at the Tour. However, I understand your reluctance to add another voice on the echo chamber and only weblog on what is unique to your experience. Keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

I understand the annoyance with pop-ups, but it does make it easier to read your Ledger articles and then comment on them here :-) But I'll unlazy myself if no one else wants the pop-ups.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a new-window link.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading them and find them interesting. They are nice anecdotes, and I think the lack of comments is due to the stories pretty much standing on their own.

Anonymous said...

New Window!

I also agree--I tend to have a limited TV blog reading time, and I read yours--so while I understand not writing the same thing everyone else is, this is the place I usually get my information on what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I think you're great, but being called a 'bitch' by eunuchs tends to put a crimp in one's blog posting. Also, I am still...yeah, right...'suffering' from the 'W' albatross around my neck from the pencil necked geeks at TWoP (would you believe I am still so branded?), so I am trying to be nice.

Meanwhile, Tolan is still a horse's ass and now the writers at The Closer, obviously male and possibly Tolan, are making the female character FLASH possibly falling for someone not her boyfriend and FLASH possibly being pregnant in next week's episode!!!

Where is Helen Mirren when you need her? Shame on you Kyra for putting up with such crap writing.

Why are male writers such morons?

What ever happened to women's lib?

Why is a very good show like The Closer being relegated to being a soap opera? Why does Rescue Me blow goats?

Perhaps it's the summer doldrums?

At any rate, the very fact that you maintain an uncensored blog is refreshing. Thanks to you and Mo.