Friday, July 21, 2006

Talking to Mr. Cuse

I'm not saying I believe that he and Damon know where all of this is going, but Carlton Cuse talks a good game.


Anonymous said...

* frowns, looks at watch, keeps waiting for Rob Thomas interview *

(I kid 'cause I love. I know why this came first.)

Alan Sepinwall said...

Rob and I were supposed to do the interview over lunch on Wednesday. As things turned out, he had such a time crunch that he had to work through lunch that day, so he invited me to sit in on a story meeting with the writing staff instead. Some cool stufff, but all very spoiler-y and therefore something I can't write about just yet. We'll be doing the straight "what's happening next season" interview over the phone sometime after I'm back from press tour.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you tell him that listening to his internet fanbase and changing the show to fit their desires is a terrible, terrible idea!! Just because they're rabidly vocal doesn't mean they are the majority, Rob! Some of us are perfectly happy to see what your vision has in store for the show without you catering to our specific nitpicks :-)