Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm moving at half-speed this morning after an awesome night of "Rock Star" goodness, first at a taping of tomorrow night's performance show, then at the mansion for the weekly party/acoustic jam concert featuring all the contestants and the guys from Supernova. Logistically, I should have stayed at the hotel to catch up on writing/watching/sleep, but totally worth it. Totally. It'll probably be the lead item in tomorrow's column, and whatever details don't make the final cut will pop up here. If nothing else, it oughta make recapping Tuesday's show a lot easier.

I'm sitting in the inaugural CW press conference right now, so don't have time for much more than the daily column link, which is mostly an account of the Katie Couric session yesterday (minus any reference to her wardrobe, which I'm saving for after I grill Charlie Gibson on his style choices).

With two yea's and no nay's to the idea of pop-up column links, I'm going to give it a try, at least through the balance of the tour. Anybody who finds them as annoying as I usually do, feel free to weigh in.

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Anonymous said...

Pop ups are always annoying. I say don't do it; the people who want it can just right-click and choose "Open in new window" (assuming they're using IE on Windows). Or they could get a browser that tabs. Tabbed browsing rules!