Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Homeward bound

Today's column: a wrap-up of press tour, with some duplication of things that appeared only on the blog (like the anchor wardrobe thing).

Oh, and I saw "Deadwood" last night while packing, so Cone up. Discuss while I'm in the air, and I'll try to weigh in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Another relatively quiet episode (save for more blathering from that idjit hooplehead, Steve) that had some sweet moments, such as Trixie & Sol holding hands while discussing taking in Sophia. I was definitely glad to see more Sol this time out, too. I also enjoyed the interaction between Al and Langrishe, and between Al and Doc, the poor lunger!

I didn't realize Blasinov had such a loyalty to Al and the camp until he delivered a copy of the telegram to Hearst to Al to let him know what Hearst was up to. I can hardly wait to find out how they manage to eject Hearst from the camp without Hearst's being able to burn it to the ground (and if he did burn it to the ground in real life, don't tell me because I don't know the exact history of Hearst's visit to the camp) :-)

Todd said...

Does NO one stay for the PBS days anymore?

Or was I misinformed that they were today and tomorrow?

Daniel said...

I interpreted Blasinov's concern as being less for Al or even for the camp and more for the idea of the protection that he thinks America should provide for the little people against the powerful. His was a sort of immigrant rage, or so I figured.

I also liked the Sol-and-Trixie scenes. It's amazing to me how long they've let that relationship carry on with so very little softening. No other show would ever, in a million years, support that kind of dynamic between a couple.

And the last scene with Al and the Doc was fantastic.

My major question: When are we gonna get some sort of payoff for the presence of Bryan Cox? He's too good an actor for what we've seen to be all we get.

And Todd, the PBS slate this tour was particularly poor, no offense to the nobility and purpose of public television. Lots of people were leaving and others were just planning on spending time at the pool...

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Blazanov felt America owed Pascoe Carwin protection; it seemed to me that Blazanov felt it was wrong that any hardworking man trying to provide for his family could be killed and dumped in the street with impunity.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Blasinov's worried that he's more unsafe with Hearst around than in general, given how many people we've already seen die for whatever reason in Deadwood. And does Blasinov's being an immigrant put him lower on the totem pole than, say, Steve the Hooplehead (I imagine he's still higher up than the N General since he's a white immigrant)?

I think Langrishe's character arc will result in some kind of pay off. Otherwise, there's no reason to spend that much time on his efforts to turn the Bella Union into a theater. It's something that could easily be seen in the background of the more pressing events confronting Deadwood. It's not like Al needs yet another confidante at this point (especially anyone who detracts from his time with Adams, heh).

Alan Sepinwall said...

I have this feeling that Langriche in particular is somebody who we were going to get a much bigger payoff in the now-erased final season. I only hope Brian Cox and Dennis Christopher and the rest are available for the movies (assuming the movies still happen, because they sure wouldn't be the first projects announced that don't get made for one reason or another).

Anonymous said...

Sostrange watching a show that you know is the best thing on TV (Along with "24"). knowing it isn't going to have any closure. In the beginning, I thought maybe the COx character was a front and that COk was really a killer, and a friend of Al's, but now I just love the character. I wonder if his theater was supposed to burn down.

I kinda wouldn't be surprised if the season ended with Hearst's men torching the place. He said he'd like to burn it to the ground and there is historical president for this.

I just wish they would let the show finish up at least with a full 4th season.

I bet the movies never will happen.