Monday, July 24, 2006

Look at the law man beating up the wrong guy

One link I forgot before: I review "Life on Mars," a cool new BBC show about a cop who travels back in time to 1973.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review -- I'd seen the promos for "...Mars" on BBC-A, but hadn't been that enthused about it until now.

Off-topic: Did you mention a while back that you had an interview with Rob Thomas to post? I'm looking forward to it...and hoping the transcription delay is due to that fact that it's so long and detailed and marvelous. Thanks for the good work!

Anonymous said...

So much of Life on Mars is the cultural references, which I didn't get but could sort of tell when they were being thrown out there. That captain guy is hilarious.

Oh, speaking of British shows, have you guys seen Garth Marenghi's Darkplace? It's premiering on SciFi this week. Really funny.

Alan Sepinwall said...

As I think I mentioned in the comments to another thread (and should probably put in its own post), Rob had a scheduling crunch the day of our lunch, so instead of eating and interviewing, he invited me to sit in on a story meeting with him and the writing staff. It's not something I can write about now, because mucho spoilers, but it was cool. I'll do an actual interview by phone when I'm back in Jersey, and I'll combine that with stuff from the story meeting for one big story.

R.A. Porter said...

I watched GM's Darkplace off the SciFi website. Thought it was funny, but really can't see how it would work beyond one episode. I did like the performance from his "book publisher", as well as the great Michael York impersonation by Matt Berry, however.

As for "Life on Mars"...I've watched the first three episodes and really enjoyed it, despite obviously missing some of the cultural references. I'm trying to convince everyone I know to watch it before David E. Kelley screws it up with unisex bathrooms, or something.

K J Gillenwater said...

I wasn't going to watch this show, either, but then I saw your good review and a few others online. Watched the first ep last night, and I am instantly hooked.

I like that there is no clear understanding of what exactly happened to our cop. Is he in a coma? Is he really transported back in time? What exactly is going on?

Sad to hear that American TV will try to copy this show. I can just imagine how much 70s nostalgia they will try to cram down our throats. I imagine being a more campy, snarky kind of show when it gets americanized. Blech.