Monday, March 05, 2007

24 open thread 3/2

Again, going to bed early tonight and going out of pocket very early tomorrow, so I'm leaving this post for everyone to discuss the latest "24." I haven't written about the last couple of episodes, so if nothing else this is an excuse for people to discuss the season as a whole. We're well into the middle third of the season, which has traditionally been the section where the writers start spinning their wheels until some brilliant idea propels them into the final third. Wait until 10 o'clock and then have at it.


K J Gillenwater said...

Liked Jack going bad-ass on the dude in the consulate. But why in the heck did he just try leaving out the front door where he must have known a bunch of guards were waiting? That was very un-Jack-like. He would have tried to sneak out of there through the vent system or something.

Lennox getting the 3rd degree about his involvement with the presidential assassination plot was good, too.

Oh, and I was so, so glad to have Powers Boothe take over as the presidential figure. He is so much more believable as a powerful guy than Wayne Palmer. Great voice, great acting. Glad he's there for the time being.

And is anyone else as excited as I am that Jean Smart is back next week!!!??? With our beloved Aaron, the missing Secret Service guy. Yay!!!! The show's already getting better.

Louis said...

Last night's episode was much better than the two or three that preceded it. 24 just isn't very good when Jack Bauer's not on screen.

Jean Smart is hammier than Easter dinner, so I'm not particularly excited about what will surely be her contrived return.

Zodin2008 said...

I am also happy to see Martha Logan and Aaron back & it's been great as well having Charles Logan; plus, with Jack down right now, a good excuse for CTU to introduce a new hero to the mix with Rick Schroeder (who was excellent on "NYPD Blue" as Det. Danny Sorensen), for a lead field agent. Schroeder is not the greatest actor, but I think he should be more interesting then boring Curtis.

The dumbest scene by far last night, and in the "24" pantheon" has to be when the Russian consulate member who was about to call Bill Buchanan, LEFT THE FREAKING DOOR OPEN and made it completely obvious as a cheap plot device for him to be killed. Idiot. Almost as idiotic as Morris.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched this week's yet, so take my remarks with a grain of salt, but this season is just soap opera lame. For a show about taking risks, the writers and producers sure are not taking them. As you have observed, where is the panic in the streets of LA? Why do we always have he same plot device with a lame or incompetent CTU person? Why are we still telling stories at CTU LA anyway? That was played out by Season 3. What is interesting about the show is its format and its main protagonist. Why not place him in a different city with some new operatives and show the actual effect of terror and assassination on the streets? I am quite tired of the insular and provincial CTU set and characters. In fact, CTU has to be about the worst federal antiterrorism agency ever, with all of its traitors, double agents, alcoholics, etc. Ugh.