Thursday, March 22, 2007

Six Degrees of trickery

Today's column features an interview with "Six Degrees" co-stars/old friends Hope Davis and Campbell Scott, plus some brief thoughts on Showtime's "This American Life" adaptation. The most interesting part is where the two talk about why they would leave their indie-movie cocoon to do a TV show:

So what made them want to do it?

"I was kind of lured into it," Davis says, referring to Laura's backstory as the widow of a TV reporter killed in Iraq, "thinking that my story was going to be quite political and that it was going to be about what it was like for the average American that you don't expect to be caught up in the Iraq war to be blown sideways. I thought my storyline was going to have much more to do with politics and the war, and it's hardly done that at all. It became clear that some powers that be wanted me to quickly recuperate and get on with my life, which wasn't what I intended.

And Scott?

"I bamboozled Campbell," Davis explains.

"I don't think 'bamboozled' is the correct word," he counters.

To read the full thing, click here.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this show is coming back! I was devestated when it got pulled in November and have been dying for its return!

Okay, not really. In fact, I don't know of a single person who actually watched it. I do think it's kind of sad, though, that this experience will probably dissuade a lot of these actors from trying tv again any time soon.

Zodin2008 said...


I got scared reading the first paragraph of your post; I just wanted to see the 1 person who actually watched it.

I don't either. I think it's rather hilarious that 2 people have commented on Alan's "Six Degrees" thread and NEITHER of us watch this. Ha!

dark tyler said...

Make this three.

For frak's sake, there has got to be a better way for actors like Campbell Scott or Hope Davis to find work. What a waste of talent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break the string - I do actually watch it (and somebody else in a thread last week was missing it). Campbell Scott's stuff has actually been pretty good, and it's a pleasure just to listen to him, and I like Bridget Moynahan a lot more than I thought I would. But Hope Davis has been utterly wasted, which is really a shame.

And "The Secret Lives of Dentists" is a great movie.

Anonymous said...

I watched it. But the ONLY reason I watched it was because Hope Davis and Campbell Scott were in it. It was pretty boring and the only character I ended up really liking was a guest star, Roswell's Shiri Appleby. I agree with Devin that Hope Davis was utterly wasted. But from the beginning I had trepidation - I would rather see these actors in their element - indie film.

Zodin2008 said...

Well, it's nice to meet "Six Degrees" fan base. I still doubt seriously it makes it to a S2.

And yes, the show does seem to be wasting some talented actors.

Anonymous said...

I liked Anthony LaPaglia's answer to "Why do TV"?

"My account called me and said, "Get back to work."