Saturday, March 31, 2007

Funny Dance Marathon, Day 4

"Sweet fancy Moses!"


Anna Laperle said...

Here's one of my favourite routines from Ally McBeal. Cage, Fish et al. giving into Barry White.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found this one. The Elaine dance is always memorable.

Here are a few from Fresh Prince. There were quite a few there. Carlton's goofy dance is always good for a laugh.

1. Carlton strip dance. It starts with the goofy Carlton dance at the beginning.

2. Will Smith dancing

3. The last episode Carlton and Will dancing to Tom Jones' It's not Unusual

dark tyler said...

Xander snoopy dance! Xander snoopy dance!

Eric said...

No collection of silly TV dance clips would be complete without this one:

Anonymous said...

Its the full body heave with the little kicks and the thumbs .. who doesn't like to bust a move like that on a saturday night ?!!
I know I do! FREAKEN GOLD!!!