Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol: Top 8 women

Wow. I hate to agree with anything Randy Jackson said, but when he's right, he's right. It's like a different show when the girls come here, man.

Tonight's episode clearly established not only who the top six women should be, but who the top six contestants should be. Not that it'll work out that way, but I'd love to be able to hop into a time machine, skip straight past all the outrage over Sanjaya and Antonella making the finals, past Sundance continuing to be lame, past Chris Richardson's bouncing, straight ahead to what should be the LaKisha/Melinda final two. But with "Idol," I don't even know that we'll get that outcome. The show itself sure deserves a Sanjaya/Antonella final two.

To read the song-by-song reviews, click here, then come back here to comment.


Undercover Black Man said...

Your analysis is spot-on, Alan. I missed Jordin's tune to open the show (sorry I did, after reading your recap).

LaKisha and Melinda are clearly the shit.

Antonella and Haley gots to go.

During the opening notes of "Sweet Thing," I moved forward in my seat, expecting Stephanie to kill it. But she didn't quite. There was an odd hitch in her voice a couple of times... I don't know whether it's supposed to be a stylistic thing, but it threw me. I just don't think she ever got on top of this tune and rode it like it's supposed to be ridden.

The judges were too harsh on Sabrina. She rocked it.

LaKisha was pretty masterful. When you can take it up then bring it down, in the same song, you got some chops. Judges were right -- she connects emotionally with the words and meaning of a song.

Melinda... I'm starting to get into Melinda. Vocally and stage-wise, the chick's got more moves than Allied Van Lines. But she still seems like a jazz singer or a cabaret singer, not a Top 40 singer. Which is a problem not just for voters, but for the talent vultures behind this whole enterprise. What kind of songs would Melinda make that get played on the radio?

Speaking of which, did you catch Kat McPhee on Jay Leno last night? She sang an absolutely atrocious song, "I'm Over It." If this is a single, God help her. Face-wise and body-wise, she's still hot as balls. But that song... oooh, no.

K J Gillenwater said...

Melinda is divine, but I also agree that she should try for some younger numbers. I think that will happen once we get to the final 12. The theme weeks will force her to do a few modern songs.

But I LOVE her. She has the stage presence of a seasoned performer, plus she can sing like nobody's business. I think we will be seeing her at the Grammy's soon. This girl is going to go a long way.

I liked Gina a lot this time around. She was dressed much more in tune with what I *thought* she should dress like. Plus, I *love* that Evanescence song. This is who Gina is, and she should keep doing performances like this every week, if possible. We need this type of rocker girl...who can sing pretty well (unlike the horrible Nikki McKibbin from the 1st season).

LaKisha was amazing. I got goosebumps listening to her.

Adam said...

But, still, Gina's a girl playing dress-up as a rocker compared to Storm Large, though Storm's a decade-plus older (37). It's the only box in which she can move forward in this competition, but it's not quite her true calling, is it?

My prediction: Barba stays, Stephanie goes.

dark tyler said...

OK, not that she deserves to go, compared to Barba and Haley, but for the love of me, I just don't get Stephanie. She sounds like a Beyonce with a more mousey high pitch. I don't like Beyonce, and I definitely don't get Stephanie. She's got an awesome voice, but her performances always leave me baffled. I think she goes tonight.

As for Melinda, am I the only one who's already tired of the whole "awww, you mean thaaaat?" *eyes od a puppy in front of a speeding truck* The woman is phenomenally talented, and as long as she sings I can't get enough of her. But when she stops, she becomes unbearable.

My #1 for now would be LaKisha. Oh, and I'm thisclose to printing Jordin t-shirts. The girl is lovely, and talented. She's not going to the final, but with a few years of experience, she's probably going places.

Undercover Black Man said...

Dark Tyler, you're right about Melinda... She's a professional singer already, right? She knows she can sing. What's with all the falsely modest face-making?