Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol: Top 12 (or, top 3 women and everyone else)

I thought the success of "House" was supposed to make all these crushingly-padded two-hour shows a thing of the past. Wha happen? It's Diana Ross Night, which I suppose is a step up from Stevie Wonder Night in that we haven't heard so many of these songs repeatedly butchered in seasons past, but outside of the two obvious favorites and a contestant the producers are setting up as a dark horse, it was a dull, dull night.

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Undercover Black Man said...

So dull, in fact, that I wish I had the will power to stay away until, like, the Round of Eight. But I don't think that's gonna happen.

This dozen really has me missing last year's crew.

Melinda just hasn't flipped my switch yet.

Kiki can wail. (Not "whale.") The only singer who made me feel something last night.

Except for the vague stirring in my loins when Haley unveiled her new Nikki Cox look. Indeed, this will extend her life in the competition by weeks.

Jordin's cool and all, cute as a button plus the Amazonian bod. But Stephanie's the longshot I'm still rooting for. She should've sung this.

The guys all sucked, though I'm starting to appreciate the tone of Chris Sligh's voice.

That Phil dude... I'm sorry to say I can't remember a contestant as physically repellent. Looks like Don Knotts and/or a serial killer.

Anonymous said...

Funny - but accurate - point about you make not-very-tall Seacrest -- these are some SHORT singers!

Uh, did Haley sing tonight? I kept thinking about that scene on "Studio 60" where the cameras were focused on the singer's .......

K J Gillenwater said...

Undercover...oh my God, I'm rolling right now. The comment about Don Knotts/Serial Killer is right on!

I wish the dude would grow even a smidgen of hair back. I don't care if he's balding...he needs something to make him look less like a prison inmate with mega-brows and more like a normal person.

He scares me! Stylists! Don't let him get near the razor, please!!!

Boring night. Only Melinda wowed me. Even LaKisha didn't really impress me--but that was because of her song choice.

Oh, and I kinda liked Gina's version of "Love Child," except for the shout-singing she seems to do when hitting the high notes.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've seen/heard any of them other than Melinda and Lakisha (I only start watching when they get to the top 12, but a friend practically ordered me to go online and check out the two divas, so I did). Wow, the men really ARE bad. And boring. And I, too, was really struck by how short all the men are -- I even wondered if there was something about the way they were being shot that made them look shorter than they actually are. Then Jordin came out and blew that theory to hell.

Melinda is technically stunning but I have to say that at the end of the night I found Jordin to be the most interesting and entertaining.

I really, really hope I never have to hear Sanjaya sing again. Ever.

Oh, and since all I care about are the actual songs and the judge's comments, it only took me 55 minutes to watch the show!

rukrusher said...

Tivo is your freind, I was able to watch 30 seconds of the bad acts, the judges comments, and all of the ones worth watching in under 30 minutes.

I am actually amazed that after all of the auditions Idol found only 3 good candidates. I just cannot see anyone improving enough over the next 6 weeks to make a difference.

Todd said...

Libby over at my blog says Phil looks exactly like original comic strip star The Yellow Kid. I'm inclined to agree.

Anonymous said...

Weetapidol thinks he looks like a serial killer.

dark tyler said...

I was reserving my final judgment until this first live show, because this stage truly does make you or break you, as Simon likes to remind us every year.

So, I really have to ask: Tami Gosnell, Rachel Zevita, the Fidel Castro-bearded dude, plus 2-3 other guys whose names I don't recall... They made room for this?

Seriously! The guys were all horrible, Stephanie I don't get at all (she sounds too much like Beyonce, I mean come on!), Haley is awful, Gina is the faux rocker-chick version of Fedorov... Is really this the best bunch they could have come up with?

I seriously adore Jordin (and so I have since her very first performance), and LaKisha is beyond words. Melinda is probably technically better than both of them (definitely better than Jordin, at least), but I find her increasingly annoying, with the aw shucks thing and the mousey persona and her BORING choices, from songs to clothes, this girl needs to take a look at a calendar, right?

Anyway. I guess there are never more than two or three really great singers on every season of Idol, but at least the middle pack is usually filled with people like Paris or Anwar or Vonzell, not Phil -Don Knotts- Stacy, and Haley -camp queen- Scarnato. Even mediocre karaoke-ist Bucky Covington was better than half these guys. And I'm European-- I don't get country!