Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Amazing Race: First team to hug Phil may be AWESOME

"Amazing Race" spoilers coming up just as soon as I paint some fingernails...

On the one hand, not a well-designed leg at all. Way, way, way too much bunching, a Roadblock in which the Racers seemed like virtual bystanders, and a Detour so lopsided it allowed the loathsome, barely competent Mirna and Charla to go from worst to first simply because the other teams were too dim to realize that selling a buck's worth of nail painting would be easier than loading 10 bags of coal.

On the other hand, it featured the spectacle of a filthy Oswald chasing Phil off the mat, which may have been the funniest thing I've ever seen on this show. So there's that. Those two better stick around at least as long as they did the first time, preferably at the expense of this week's first-place finishers and immature homophobic sexist tool Eric.

I hadn't watched the last few seasons, so I didn't know about the new rules for the bottom team in a non-elimination leg. I vastly prefer this to the old mugging policy, as I find watching reality show contestants beg for cash really distasteful. Has any team to be hit with the new penalty avoided elimination on the next leg?

What did everybody else think?


Rob Rogers said...

I hadn't watched the last few seasons, so I didn't know about the new rules for the bottom team in a non-elimination leg. I vastly prefer this to the old mugging policy, as I find watching reality show contestants beg for cash really distasteful. Has any team to be hit with the new penalty avoided elimination on the next leg?

If I remember correctly, it was instituted last season, and David and Mary managed to avoid elimination by coming in first--largely because of the assistance of another team (the Chos), they were able to get the fast forward and use it to come in first and avoid the 30-minute penalty. And I remember at least one team getting a 30-minute penalty and still managing not to be eliminated, but right now I can't remember if that was this penalty or a penalty for breaking a rule or something like that.

Enjoyable episode, but I loathe Mirna and Charla, too, and was disappointed (shouting at the screen disappointed) to see them come in first this week.

Anonymous said...

As Rob said it was instituted last season with Kentucky benefitting from it most. I don't remember it in any other capacity though.

I prefer this to both of the old ways: panning for money and gimme everything you got, clothes/shoes, too. That was just too obvious and also, well, mean!

I'm glad to see another man who finds Eric just as distasteful and homophobic and sexist and rude as my husband (and I) do. He makes me ill. There is no nice way of saying this, but it does seem that Danielle lacks the smarts to see just how awful he is. I mean she's too young to think that's just how guys treat girls. You're not supposed to believe that until you're at least 29! ;)

I couldn't believe so many teams chose that coal roadblock. It was obviously more difficult, not just b/c of the backbreaking physical labor, not simply b/c of the disgusting coal stench and dust everywhere, not b/c you also had to go and find a location in a hard to find you-know-nothing-about-it city, but also, b/c it would leave you thoroughly exhausted for your next leg of the race after the pit stop. So many reasons to "just say no!"

Oswald chasing Phil is my all-time fave TAR moment. I doubt it will ever be replaced.

I also loathe Mirna and Charla, okay, really just Mirna. Seeing them grab first made me ill. My husband started to say he even felt slightly good for them and that was about all she wrote for him tonight! Do NOT under any circumstances say anything nice about Mirna in my house!

Heeheehee....I think it might be time to go to bed.

Thanks for all the great write-ups, Alan. Always a pleasure....

Cannot wait to hear what you unearth about Veronica Mars when it's all settled.

Anonymous said...

Oswald's chase of Phil was hilarious! I just wish he caught him.

I can't believe Mirna & Charla came in first. I had to go outside and get rid of a two wasp's nests (that's when my neighbor chose to come by and help), so I didn't even see what they did to get first place. I just know I walked outside and they were still with the rat (those rats were so cute!), and I come back inside, and they're getting a prize from Phil. WTF? UGH!!

Eric sucks and Danielle's an idiot. Bleargh.

BF said...

Oswald and Danny are still #3 in my book behind Marshall's drive-by-"Bi###!"-ing and "My Ox is Broken!" Still, that's rare air.

Rob, I think you're thinking of Tom & Terry, who took a motorcyle to a detour location despite the clue saying "Walk". They got docked 30 minutes but they still finished before Duke & Lauren.

I can only guess that the reason most teams went for the coal was that teams assumed it was a clean/dirty choice where dirty is usually quicker.

Anyone else notice Bill was rocking a Hitler mustace?

And finally, nice for pointing out that "All-Stars" Charla & Mirna had never finished first in a leg.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Hitler 'stach too. It cracked me up. Plus, I didn't realize those 50+ partners were so buff.

I hated the begging, so I was glad to see the new rule last season.

I don't like Charla and Mirna either. I applaud them for confronting Rob and Amber on their lie (I don't know why Romber didn't just admit it at that point). I just don't get Mirna's entitlement or weirdness or whatever it is. I told me husband, that she is a pretty women, but that is about it. She must have more make-up packed that the Beauty Queens.

Eric can not leave fast enough. I thought the previews made it seem like he called Joe/Bill the "f" word, but it was much less than that. Still annoying. I thought Danielle kinda twinged when he said she was "beat by two old queens". Awful

Taleena said...

What a crazy weird season when Romber and Chala and Mirna essentially change places. The bizarre bunching and the rat horror (I so agreed with Danny) mad this an uncomfortable episode.

Eric is a jerk. Full stop. He treats everyone poorly not just the Guidosand I am almost almost hoping he leaves before Mira, almost.

Anonymous said...

I loved the rats! I wanted to reach through the TV and pet them. Of course, I used to have pet rats, so rats as a rule don't bother me the way they bother Danny, et al. Now I want a bomb-sniffing rat on a leash!

Anonymous said...

Oswald and Danny chasing Phil was definitely up there with "My Ox is broken" (why weren't they on All-Stars? Colin & Christie were the best team that never won).

Anyway, I don't think a half hour is long enough. As Mirna and Schmirna proved this leg you can move up pretty easily as long as there is bunching. The penalty should be at least 45 mins and probably an hour. You finished last in a leg, the penalty needs to be harsh.

I am glad they got out of South America, that was getting boring.

I am surprised teams didn't cheat at the nail polish task. I mean they had money of their own (theoretically) just give a guy the money you need to finish and have him pay you that for the polish.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Jaroch, I really hope the idea of Veronica Mars jumping past college years and having her join the FBI gets scrapped. Then all the show would be is the Closer with a cuter lead. What makes Mars work is that she is young. The last thing TV needs now (apart from another bad reality show) is another procedural crime drama.

BF said...

Pete, the penalty isn't assesed at the beginning of the leg. It's assessed at the end (if you don't come in first.) That means the penalty isn't eaten by a bunch point.

Anonymous said...

The penalty is still in play but once the teams bunch the last place team is equal to the first place team so all things being equal the last place team has just as good a chance of finishing first as the team that started the leg in first.

Matt said...

Christie is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Hence, no All-Stardom for them (though I wish we had them rather than Eric and Danielle).

And as loathsome as Charla/Mirna are, at least we don't have Jonathan and Victoria. That's a child I feel sorry for.

Anonymous said...

Pete: Matt beat me to it about Colin and Christie pregnancy stuff.

As for VM, Pete, I agree. I'll take the show in any format b/c I love the characters, but I would prefer it to stay with VM in college. That had so much potential. I'm sure there's more than one party to blame for screwing this season up, but...well, there's actually not much more to say.

Matt: I loathe Mirna so much that I would take Jonathan and Victoria back over them in a heartbeat. I feel so f'd up. ;P

rukrusher said...

Team Guido started the confrontation with Eric who simply reacted to the hostility. I have a hard time believing it is motivated by anything but a clash of personalities. I did not Like Guido the first time they raced and I find that I still do not like them, the way they have edited the show does depict them as being exactly as described, Jekyl and Hyde, they only seem to believe in cooperation if they need the help, otherwise they just play dirty in a petty way.