Friday, March 30, 2007

The spoiler policy

Okay, for the second time in a couple of weeks, someone's posted a comment that's either a spoiler or is a rumored spoiler. Either way, it's time to make it very clear what the deal with spoilers is around here.

Simply put, I don't want 'em. We're here to talk about shows after they've aired, and if I include a review or even some brief comments ahead of time based on screeners I've watched, I go out of my way to not give away anything important.

If you've read a spoiler someplace else, or if you have some kind of inside connection that gives you a spoiler, or if you happened to be on your way to lunch when you saw "The Sopranos" filming a murder scene, do not post about it here. There are lots of places on the Web to both find and talk about spoilers, and this is not one of them. Okay?

Now, speaking of "The Sopranos," Isaac at Throwing Things pointed me towards this hilarious YouTube recap of the previous six seasons, all in seven minutes. My favorite part is his connecting Artie getting hit with a milkshake in "Christopher" to Artie attempting suicide in "Everybody Hurts."


Cheesesteak said...

I've convinced my parents to order HBO for the run of Sopranos coming up. I'm paying them for it, but God love 'em. They've only seen a couple episodes here or there.

Old Man Snap said...

"Meadow dates the goofiest guy in the world."

This is priceless.

I really hope the second-half returns to its roots.

SJ said...

"Artie gets hit by a milkshare, Artie tries to kill himself."


"Bacala's fat....Bacala's still fat."

lisabeth said...

Thank you for posting your policy, because good commentary does not need spoilers, and I work hard to stay spoiler free so that I can enjoy show as they unfold.

Saying that, what does it say that my first thought was wanting to know what the posted spoilers were!

dark tyler said...

Oh, no problem. When "The Sopranos" end I can repeat it and we'll all have a good laugh.

(Or maybe I'll start crying if it turns out to be true! LOL)

Anonymous said...

My thought was to wonder which shows the spoilers were *for*!

I've reached spoiler allergy level of "will skip past clips for upcoming episodes brought by actors to talk shows" (that Dirty Uncle Sal scene in the hallway of Grey's Christmas ep was best seen in its entirety)

Pam (whose DVR is currently dead due to a severe hard drive problem)