Monday, April 06, 2009

Chuck vs. the chances of renewal

Seems today is Say Nice Things About "Chuck" Day. Fienberg really liked tonight's episode (as did I; I just don't have time to do separate reviews for both before and after it airs, and I still have to finish the after post), the Give Me My Remote blog (from which I appropriated the above graphic) has temporarily renamed itself Give Me My Chuck and has up an Intersect-style round-up of other praise for tonight's episode, and Mo Ryan is Tweeting about the episode, and even rented "Fletch" for the first time to get in the mood for Chevy Chase's guest appearance.

I'm late to this particular party -- though if you have to question my overall "Chuck" allegiance, you haven't been paying enough attention -- so let me just echo a few of Fienberg's thoughts for those of you who read this blog but don't watch "Chuck."

1. "Chuck" is the most purely entertaining show currently on television, whether you're talking network or cable.

2. Tonight's episode features both Chase and Scott Bakula, and you don't need me to tell you how awesome they can be in the right context -- which this decidedly is.

3. Television in general and NBC in particular would be a much sorrier place if "Chuck" isn't around next season.

4. If you've ever trusted me blindly on a TV recommendation and been rewarded, or if you simply agree with some of my takes but suspect that "Chuck" isn't quite for you, give it a shot tonight. The episode's a little heavy on the show's mythology, but there's also a lot of strong self-contained comedy and action and drama -- all the things that make "Chuck" so terrific.

That is all. Back at 9 with specific thoughts on the episode.


Anonymous said...

I don't know I gave up on this show a few episodes ago. I think the mythology is holding it back, to be honest. And it's spinning it's wheels with the whole Sarah/Chuck thing. I enjoy the spirit of the show, but it makes no sense why Chuck would still work at Buymore. And you can see the struggle for the writers to work in Chuck's sister and her boyfriend.

Also, so sick of everyone from Chuck's past also being connected to Fulcrom and/or the spyworld.

I'd rather watch a show about Adam Baldwim dealing with the Buymore crew.

Tell you what if it gets picked up I'll watch it on DVD and give it another chance during the third season.

Lykaon said...

Thank you, sir. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

Though we fan sites do try, it is encouraging to see professionals get into the fray as well.

Save Chuck! :)

Anonymous said...

If Chuck's dad is also somehow involved with the spyworld, then that is it for this show for me.

Anonymous said...

Save Chuck, kill Heroes.

Anonymous said...

Alan, if you save chuck I'd glady pay to read your reviews ... thank you so much for fighting for this show

Anonymous said...

Meh. I guess I could be bothered to DVR it, but no way is Chuck better then the Big Bang/How I met block.

Or course, thanks to CBS and time zone works, I'm pretty much attached to watching just the NCAA finals tonight. It will be the best tv event of the week, no doubt.

Manton said...

Thank you very much for recommending this show, Alan. I loved your work on The Wire and Mad Men so I took a shot and have become very enamored with Chuck. I hope others jump on the bandwagon, cause this is a show that deserves better than being on the bubble.

Grunt said...

I honestly feel like the network didn't renew this show yet just so there could be a movement like this where all these critics scream and yet about NBC killing one of the few good shows it actually has...yadda, yadda, yadda, so the Net can swoop in and save it in the beginning of May. I have no doubt that if this show gets dropped it would be immediately picked-up by ABC or Fox. Relatively speaking it is not THAT expensive, it has a good enough following (especially for what I would consider one of the most competitive time slots current going) and my understanding is that the ratings are getting better, not worse. (as opposed to my dear, departed and DOA favorite Pushing Daisies).

In addition, you don't hold a show in the same time slot for a year and a half without tweaking, moving, or putting on some sort of break a show that you're not planning on renewing.

I'm not worried about How I Met Your Mother getting renewed because they have syndication money now and it would be a very bad idea to cancel it. I'm not worried about Chuck because I think this is a manipulative ploy to get more press.

In the mean time, I'll continue to watch Chuck (and How I Met Your Mother and try to catch House when I remember to on Hulu). But I fully expect it'll be back in the fall and I will be pleased, but not surprised, to see it.

Pamela Jaye said...

my twitter seems suddenly stuck. if it lets go and you get pelted, I apologize.

I've just posted links to this and the GMMR to
my website
my facebook page
the Scott Bakula FAn Forum.
(now maybe I can read them. or at least one of them ;-) (thanks for closing the comments on whichever preview that was last week, after it aired. made it much easier when I finally read it to figure where to reply ;-)))

(and here I was hoping to make a dent in the Gilmore Girls S1 DVDs which are due at the library Thursday. I'll live :-))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan! This is the best show on tv right now. God I hope it survives... I hear the finale has been called "game changer" by the producers. Any idea what that means?

Save Chuck!

reen426 said...

thank you, alan! reassures the fan base when people like you acknowledge what an absolutely terrific show CHUCK's amazing to see so many blogs and sites voicing their positive opinion on this underrated show...keep spreading the word fellow chuckaholics ;)

prez_of_buymoria said...

Chuck is a must!

These final four episodes are going to be beyond comparison to anything else out there.

Thank you Alan and everyone else for being a contstant voice of support for such a fantastic show!

Steve Ely said...

I should have held off on clicking the Fienberg link until after watching the episode. A little spoilery, that.

55 said...

""Chuck" is the most purely entertaining show currently on television"

Too, too true. I can't believe how underrated this cast is.

Thank you very much for doing this, Alan. Glad to see some heavyweights are trying to save this amazing show.

@chiniehdiaz said...

Thanks for this post, Alan! This is exactly why I love your blog. ;)

I do hope people & NBC take notice. I have no idea what my life would be like without Chuck - it's the highlight of my TV week and one of the best shows I've ever had the pleasure to watch in years.

Rachel said...

FNL got two more we just need more guaranteed Chuck!

I've loved the show since the beginning. There's nothing else like it on TV -- action, comedy, romance, and...Jeffster!

Jennifer said...

Sigh. I am getting very tired of every show I watch being at risk of cancellation. I think only two of the shows I watch have been renewed this year, and everything but Lost, Bones, and Criminal Minds is on the bubble.

Anyway, I hope this campaign works...

dez said...

Should we send NBC some tranqs to show our support? :-)

Liz said...

I completely agree, "'Chuck' is the most purely entertaining show currently on television." It would be a shame to see this show go.

Knowing full well that we'll never be a Nielsen family, I signed up to be on the NBC Viewer panel (go to the NBC website and click on "feedback"), in hopes that I can get some kind of say. Unfortunately, the only thing they want to ask me about lately is "reality" television. No, I don't watch Top Models and Rock of Love. No, I don't want to help you name your newest "reality" show about pretty women who are ugly on the inside. Ick.

Being a fan of good television can be a frustrating business.

Anonymous said...


It's quite simple why Chuck would still work at Buymore.... because it's easy for Casey and Sarah to keep an eye on him there because they also have cover jobs close by. Plus the CIA underground base that they have is very close by.

Cathryn said...

Hi Alan, I have to say, if it weren't for your blog I don't think I ever would've started watching Chuck in the first place.

By the way, I was wondering what I, as someone living in Australia who watches Chuck online because it isn't even shown here, can do to try and help save Chuck? I'm guessing there are online petitions and stuff, but anything else??

Anonymous said...

Great article Alan. Chuck definitely deserves to get renewed!

Scott R said...

Great, show I wish they counted website traffic and web episodes watched. Since starting to watch chuck this season, I have gone back and watched all previous season 2 episodes, plus I have bought the season 1 DVDs. I'll be hugely disappointed, if chuck is canceled. In fact, I chose watching chuck over the start of Monday Night football, I never thought I'd do that.

Alan Jack said...

If you ask me, Chuck hasn't had a bad episode yet, and - so long as the wedding episode survives - it'll be ranked with Arrested Development and (kinda) Jericho as shows that held my attention from episode 1 to episode END.

Which is exactly why I don't want it renewed for a 3rd season - its wrapped up nicely, no need to tamper with it.

I say, let Chuck die at 2, and let everyone go one to innovate and create something just as intriguing on their next project, with the perfect unblemished record of Chuck behind them!